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Do all eggs of the same species take the EXACT same steps to hatch? (Archived)iammaxhailme43/5 7:47PM
What do you think of these theories? (Archived)
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Rate the Type Day 3: Water (Poll)
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kazooie959133/5 7:30PM
Defensive baton passers? (Archived)
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pkivysaur163/5 7:26PM
What is your favorite stat? (Poll)
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Chain Breeding Mudkips (Archived)InfernoChill33/5 7:08PM
Isn't it about time that they made some Greek zodiac Pokemon? (Archived)
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Spiega183/5 7:03PM
Hydreigon Set (Archived)
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Exodus_Knight183/5 6:49PM
If a pokemon with event only moves forgets them can they be relearned? (Archived)Rouenne63/5 6:49PM
so i'm about to beat the elite four... (Archived)DarkStar643103/5 6:43PM
Is HP ice neccesary on heliolisk? (Archived)drlolimaster13/5 6:42PM