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Any 3d Sprites that bother you because something missing? (Archived)
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marioparty17203/2 1:53AM
Masuda Method wtf... (Archived)
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Marurun--123/2 1:52AM
Gaining abilities via evolution? (Archived)Xiocamie53/2 1:49AM
Can Power Save be used to rename a Pokemon? (Archived)aqua_fox12273/2 1:48AM
I see Game Freak still hasn't gotten over their Lucario obsession (Archived)
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wolf rider223/2 1:44AM
How different would it be... (Archived)JohnRust723/2 1:43AM
light of ruin sylveon POSSIBLE!!!!!! (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh83/2 1:40AM
C/D The IV Checker is a the true villain of this game. (Archived)
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MillionGunmannn113/2 1:24AM
What is your favourite fighting type? (Archived)
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TalesOfXAndY373/2 1:18AM
Does Porygon induce seizures in this game? (Archived)Lord_Vader63/2 1:16AM
Best Torterra setup? (Archived)ZarthimusPrime63/2 1:14AM
So how much does Huge Power boost your attack stat? (Archived)
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Stover46153/2 1:12AM
Planning to beat the older generations that I haven't played yet before I start (Archived)Lord_Vader63/2 1:00AM
Bringing Pokemon over from Old Games? Help? o.O (Archived)
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MelonHead1214113/2 12:54AM
Rate this anti-hax maison doubles team (Archived)Gh3ttoNinja53/2 12:49AM
I like how Meloetta... (Archived)ColtCababa43/2 12:42AM
Mega Mewtwo Z should be this. (Archived)GaleWings-Ho-Oh103/2 12:41AM
So why did GF nerf hidden power when breeding them is so much easier now? (Archived)inTaCtfuL83/2 12:37AM
Yes! I got an ice wind keldeo over. (Archived)LightningAce1133/2 12:37AM
Poke Missing (Archived)DragonballZRB33/2 12:26AM