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Gen 1 > Gen 3 > Gen 5 > Gen 2 > Gen 6 >>> Gen 4 (Archived)
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Walter268344/6 8:34AM
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weird skiddo can get milk drink via egg from smeargle, but not from milktank.... (Archived)paipr64/6 8:13AM
About the IV Judge. (Archived)Remor9344/6 8:12AM
Cab Ampharos learn Reflect (Archived)
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Benikins114/6 7:53AM
Is recoil damage limited by the opponent's HP? (Archived)wolf rider54/6 7:48AM
EVs for Sylveon (HyperWishBell) (Poll)Animako64/6 7:43AM
Bulky Mega Scizor Moveset (Archived)TAINTED ENIGMA54/6 7:42AM
Why is it that I only go against Japanese players on Battle Spot? (Archived)
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Judgmenl114/6 7:39AM
Relearning Prior Egg moves (Archived)Animako64/6 7:32AM
Could Baton Pass be used effective for weaker Pokemon? (Archived)HakuMan11138674/6 7:30AM
Have you ever tried tracing Parental Bond? (Archived)JamRock50514/6 7:30AM
Need some HP breeding suggestions! (Archived)
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le3ee3214/6 7:16AM
What's the best nature for this Lugia? (Archived)FightingPolygon74/6 7:08AM
Guys, Kecleon can Skill Swap Protean to Slaking or Regigigas (Archived)
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matthewtheman174/6 7:05AM
YR: Next gen is set in the Orange Islands. (Archived)Huff n puff 2064/6 7:02AM
Is Gliscor without Poison Heal a bad idea? (Archived)Froakiebloke94/6 6:58AM
Random grass attack idea.... (Archived)paipr94/6 6:58AM