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So, happy now? (Archived)Vivisqeq85/7 6:37AM
So we will finally find out about the backpackers region (Archived)jEr3mY15/7 6:37AM
Remakes confirmed of Diamond and Pearl (Archived)PaganDrumGod15/7 6:34AM
Is there any way new megas are added? (Archived)henriue65/7 6:34AM
Sinnoh remakes confirmed. (Archived)ZeldaTPLink105/7 6:33AM
When were you when RSEmakes confirm? (Archived)
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Hejiru145/7 6:32AM
Fastest way to raise happiness? (Archived)gsadr12335/7 6:29AM
Ironically, Hoenn hasn't been confirmed >_> (Archived)On_The_Edge35/7 6:26AM
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire... (Archived)AuraWielder15/7 6:25AM
How Viable is Doublade over Aegislash? (Archived)
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Zero97225/7 6:22AM
Well that came out of nowhere. (Archived)Hejiru15/7 6:15AM
Might be wrong, but if people Pokegen Pokemon, why don't they hack items? (Archived)King_of_Flan35/7 6:15AM
it kind of pisses me off that items don't stay attached when you bank a pokemon. (Archived)
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HellHole_175/7 6:12AM
when will smogon update (Archived)
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tohma88125/7 6:10AM
If not species, what do you call the Charmander/Charizard "family"? (Archived)Tacanacy35/7 6:02AM
Brilliant Pokemon nicknames (Archived)
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Pichusfan785/7 6:00AM
Physical Sun Sweepers (Archived)leadintea45/7 5:59AM
I was just 5 battles away... (Archived)Nathbuds12355/7 5:23AM
YR:Game Freak decided to create priority attacks for all types. (Archived)
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porygon_z_129185/7 5:22AM
If serebii and smogon combined their websites into one megasite... (Poll)
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R-A-V1015/7 5:16AM