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what are new type combinations you want to see in future games? (Archived)
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Mynameispaul96124/18 4:47PM
Is it possible to get Storm Drain Lileep in X/Y w/o transferring? (Archived)NeonDragon900034/18 4:44PM
Strange Recurring Disconnect Problem (Archived)waterdeepchu14/18 4:31PM
Mega Gardevoir moveset (Archived)
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celticpride6124/18 4:29PM
By Pokedex canon, wouldn't Mew have to have been found before Mewtwo? (Archived)NeonDragon900024/18 4:28PM
PSA: Enigma Berry. (Archived)
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Wanderer1391154/18 4:26PM
What is the best way to Totally TROLL people in online battles??? (Archived)YEPPERthWaffle2104/18 4:19PM
Hottest/Coolest male professor? (Poll)TaticalWarrior64/18 4:11PM
extreme speed on espeon? (Archived)
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bladefox13124/18 4:01PM
Bisharp now considered S-Rank by Smogon (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman474/18 3:48PM
Stuff that makes you **** your pants when it comes up in Battle Maison. (Archived)
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King_of_Flan504/18 3:46PM
Leaked changes to mechanics in Pokemon Z! (Archived)I-Flygon-I104/18 3:33PM
Uu seismetoad moveset (Archived)Fsufan1254/18 3:29PM
what pokes can "viably" use hyper beam? (Archived)dowbear284/18 3:27PM
YR: Cinccino gets Icicle Spear (Archived)PokemonYoutube84/18 3:16PM
I have two 5IV Sneasels (Archived)
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cgreenw124/18 3:13PM
Trainer clothing set previewer-thing somewhere? (Archived)blademyth34/18 3:12PM
Hyper Beam worth it on Mega Gardevoir? Giga Impact worth it on Mega Pinsir? (Archived)
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PokemonYoutube124/18 3:09PM
LOL! Just pounded a noob. (Archived)
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Verlisfy354/18 3:08PM
LMAO!!! Just pounded ANOTHER noob!!! (Archived)
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Verlisfy544/18 3:05PM