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Starting fresh (Poll)
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LordTrinen133/19 12:54AM
How does Battle Maison cheat? (Poll)
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waterdeepchu113/19 12:23AM
mega pinsir really sucks. he should never be banned. ever. (Archived)
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_Mega_Pinsir_223/19 12:18AM
Is it just me, or... (Archived)gxmaster23/19 12:16AM
What's a good pokemon for my battle spot team? (Archived)Edwen033/18 11:52PM
need help WITH MY POWERSAVES :( (Archived)
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BronyBeat173/18 11:25PM
Stupid question time: Is there a way to release a bunch of Pokemon at once? (Archived)ajko00023/18 11:22PM
Has there ever been an "independently" evil Pokemon in the anime? (Archived)
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Tyranidomega153/18 11:21PM
Pokemon X (Sort of) vs. FFX/X-2, Sakura-Con (Archived)
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JohnRust7213/18 11:08PM
Which Poke should I breed next? (Poll)
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Froakiebloke233/18 11:05PM
How soft is a Whimsicott plushie? (Archived)Chenmaster223/18 11:05PM
Help with Whimsicott (Archived)Vadmac93/18 11:04PM
Ground needs more move variety (Archived)
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Greener223224113/18 10:57PM
Celebi help (Archived)NecrosIX23/18 10:51PM
Pokegen question - can't get Solar Power Charizard through Poke Transporter (Archived)
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Sephiroth0327243/18 10:41PM
I know most people don't usually trust the GTS but... (Archived)jiminy27333/18 10:39PM
Last min help on a cosplay(Pokemon X related) (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram83/18 10:17PM
Nicknames for a Beautifly? (Archived)
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Kapuxa143/18 10:08PM
C/D Garchomp does get Dragon Dance. But... (Archived)FryDays500093/18 10:05PM
What if eviolite worked on Pokemon that could Mega Evolve? (Archived)
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BoredSoUhmm143/18 9:58PM