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Have you noticed something (Archived)
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charman5134/9 1:23PM
Ok serious topic now, how do you feel about the swagger ban? (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42954/9 1:19PM
Team for ubers? (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr34/9 1:18PM
Lucarionite b& from SSB4 (Archived)Muffinz0rz34/9 1:13PM
What's your best Wonder trades? (Archived)
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Kanester87124/9 1:13PM
how can you eyeball if a pkmn is ev/iv trained? (Archived)CaptianTeemo44/9 1:11PM
Would a special varient of Rocky Helment be broken?, also (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4294/9 1:10PM
Has anyone else noticed this about the starters? (Archived)SegavsCapcom44/9 12:57PM
working on a new team, any suggestions for improvement (Archived)gamepimp1264/9 12:37PM
Can we agree that... (Archived)GangstaLizard9594/9 12:32PM
protein, iron and zinc (Archived)vishalno134/9 12:31PM
Why is Boldore such a rock? (Archived)
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Hydregionzek134/9 12:30PM
So Serebii says Darkrai is making a return in the next two Smash Bros. games... (Archived)
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Iced_Shadows154/9 12:05PM
How skilled are the Battle Spot players? (Archived)TriBirious104/9 12:02PM
What Pokemon would you eat if you ate Pokemon? (Poll)
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antiheroforhire144/9 11:59AM
I find it disturbing that EVERY Pokemon that breeds ALWAYS lays eggs (Archived)
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DepreceV2244/9 11:58AM
Could a mix set Typhlosion work? (Archived)DarkHeroZX14/9 11:56AM
Most hilarious battle on my life pokemon showdown ubers (Archived)MagusJanus74/9 11:54AM
Best Dragon pokemon in OU? (Archived)pcmike284/9 11:38AM
This guy had a pretty dangerous combo if you fall for it. (Archived)
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Duncanwii144/9 11:30AM