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Blue_Inigo132/28 10:30PM
Mewtwo nature? (Archived)
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jonnyboyIV112/28 10:30PM
AZ Floette base stats and its signature move! (Archived)
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Chenmaster2892/28 10:20PM
C/D Heliolisk would of been a top 5 pokemon in gen five (Archived)gamepimp1282/28 10:05PM
Blitzle in a Safari Ball? (Archived)mieufire52/28 9:58PM
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Finaly had my dilligence rewarded (Archived)soladept22/28 9:49PM
What pokeball to catch dittos in friend safari? (Archived)Xiocamie22/28 9:44PM
Where do you level in post game? (Archived)EDumey62/28 9:41PM
twitch plays pokemon (Archived)FizzyFloat12/28 9:32PM
Assault Vest Arcanine Set (Archived)
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GoldenGryados85242/28 9:26PM
when is pokebank coming out? (Archived)Digital_Knyte0742/28 9:23PM
WI: Metal Powder worked even after Ditto was transformed (Archived)SalsaSavant72/28 9:20PM
Pokemon Anime (Archived)goyetche22/28 9:13PM
How do you feel about forfeiting? (Archived)
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iheartpokemon27652/28 9:10PM