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Do you play Pokemon with help of other websites etc.? (Archived)
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hodelino184/17 9:21AM
Anyone who knows Python want to check what's wrong with my damage calculator? (Archived)
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kirbydude385584/17 9:16AM
Just hatched my first shiny!!!!! (Archived)jonnyboyIV54/17 9:15AM
Instead of banning Pokemon why not ban its moves that make it powerful? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe144/17 9:15AM
Outside of Showdown, do you follow smogon rules? (Poll)
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80s_Memory174/17 9:12AM
I've decided I want mega arbok (Archived)loffter94/17 8:59AM
looking for ppl to add to friends list (Archived)Hambodias24/17 8:49AM
Which pokemon are in your current party? (Archived)Xiaoyu42054/17 8:47AM
If Contrary Serperior was released would Swagski be an issue? (Archived)kazooie959104/17 8:46AM
Status effects can now stack. What happens to the metagame? (Archived)
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bast999274/17 8:40AM
If Mega Gallade happened, what ability would you like to see on it? (Archived)
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Vivisqeq144/17 8:29AM
3ds xl battery worse than DSi xl battery. Noticed it while playing pokemon. (Archived)
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milotic44124/17 8:15AM
When responding to threads, please refer to the type chart! (Archived)Magikarpus54/17 8:11AM
What's so great about Quick Attack (Archived)
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ragnardemon164/17 8:11AM
Shedinja EV/Move help? (Archived)frd11154/17 7:53AM
Digital Player ID not working (Archived)DrakJay84/17 7:44AM
The adventures of a Littlest Pet Shop OU team: Day 2- Defeating Charizard Y! (Archived)Spiega24/17 7:43AM
Mew Pokemon x please? (Archived)Mutiazahra54/17 7:34AM
Victini + Crobat duo! (Archived)jEr3mY104/17 7:32AM
Mega charizard Y and X fused (Archived)Yumatsukumo104/17 7:29AM