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How were new forms/items handled in the same generation in battles? (Archived)GaiamageX45/7 10:43AM
ITT: We post wierd TrollFreak logic errors. (Archived)
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PokemonFan665915/7 10:42AM
Egg moves question (Archived)jucaa25/7 10:40AM
Do you use smogon sets? (Poll)
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80s_Memory1205/7 10:40AM
You know how recently our trainers are now teenagers ... (Archived)Chenmaster235/7 10:39AM
shedinja (Archived)goyetche105/7 10:38AM
Need someone to evolve my Haunter (Archived)Shuppetmaster15/7 10:38AM
Harvest Phantump (Archived)whitetigerak45/7 10:38AM
Hoenn has in fact been confirmed!! (Archived)pokemon2poker85/7 10:37AM
Treeko, Torchic, or Mudkip? (Archived)
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Nintendocore64205/7 10:35AM
Corsola's time to shine? (Archived)Sir_Linebeck65/7 10:34AM
This wild speculation of hoenn remakes needs to stop. (Archived)imthestuntman55/7 10:33AM
Mega Metagross (Archived)SideShowBatt95/7 10:31AM
A few questions story spoilers . (Archived)Charmander7545/7 10:27AM
What is impression on Ruby Omega and Alpha Sapphire? (Archived)xxgamer91xx15/7 10:26AM
Do you think OR/AS players will be able to battle with X/Y players? (Archived)
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BornInLondon125/7 10:21AM
well with ruby and saphire remakes confirmed I know know how megalatias/latios (Archived)pokemonzero15/7 10:20AM
Aerodactyl / Haven't played in a while (Archived)
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JackalsIII155/7 10:17AM
With all the words new world/new adventure/fresh take/etc..... 2 regions =D ?! (Archived)Zero9725/7 10:15AM
Mega Sceptile Confirmed (Archived)Jayroach215/7 10:12AM