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I'm actually glad Conkeldurr has become an OU Staple this Gen (Archived)Lady-Lucy83/3 3:07PM
If Smogon bans Swagger, I'm switching to PO or PokeBattle. (Archived)
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iKhan88223/3 3:07PM
Gorgiest... WTH?? (Archived)Vadmac73/3 3:01PM
Belly drum azumarill is awesome. (Archived)
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LightningAce11153/3 2:53PM
TPP is moving faster in Crystal than I am :< (Archived)Puppyfaic33/3 2:51PM
HP Dragon on Volcarona any good? (Archived)Vivisqeq73/3 2:46PM
Tips for a beginner (Archived)
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ninjaa1123/3 2:45PM
Get X or Y Free Promotion PROBLEM (Archived)
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HipsterSora323/3 2:44PM
My first shiny is Pokemon X and Y! (Archived)
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MagicMagikarp193/3 2:28PM
More than one shiny from a single chain? (Archived)kirbymariomega53/3 2:26PM
another question about bagon (Archived)GTthunder83/3 2:24PM
Return in Battle? (Archived)toon_link_34623/3 2:23PM
best sleep tank who can use a trap move? (Archived)dioxxys63/3 2:21PM
Pokebank Issues... (Archived)PoKeMoNsTrOsiTY33/3 2:13PM
TPP team victory in rated battle!(code) (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob43/3 2:11PM
How viable is Omnistar? (Archived)Blue_Inigo93/3 2:10PM
question about inkay (Archived)
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GTthunder113/3 2:09PM
how are people hacking x and y events, and how can i do it? (Archived)
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mariopokefan17373/3 2:08PM
I got a 5 IV Scizor a while ago but I want to EV train it now (Archived)
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gg132113/3 2:08PM
Can Tyrantrum breed stealth rocks on larvitar? (Archived)LightningAce1133/3 2:02PM