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Is there a better way to EV train other than Super Training? (Archived)
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ajko000143/18 6:55PM
Which is your favourite bear? (Poll)
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Magikarpus563/18 6:54PM
My HP Fire Froakie has a disappointing SpA IV (Archived)Pinxed53/18 6:52PM
Looking to complete my mega stone collection (Archived)lzyguy23/18 6:52PM
Shiny Froakie........HP fire, ......Torrent....... (Archived)
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warnerbroman153/18 6:41PM
*battle spot doubles the first time* (Archived)pikachupwnage33/18 6:34PM
C/D: You refuse to Super Train any Pokemon that gets the yellow, rapid-fire ball (Archived)
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Shigmiya64283/18 6:26PM
Currently...(part 2) (Archived)Dantromon73/18 6:22PM
HK/Taiwan XY Sylveon question (Archived)Texas208953/18 6:20PM
Holy S*** (Archived)Dantromon63/18 6:20PM
Any ways to make this game more enjoyable? (Archived)
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8Panda393/18 6:16PM
Are mono-type runs fun? (Archived)8Panda103/18 6:13PM
What should usually be prioritized: SE Attacks or hitting the right DEF/SpDEF (Archived)Ventwig103/18 6:11PM
About to face Super Rotation Chatelaine Morgan - any advice? (Archived)X Slayer007 X33/18 6:07PM
Rarest Event Pokemon? (Archived)raymond200047653/18 6:04PM
Can't get to Grand Duke/Duchess rank? (Archived)Vorzakh22293/18 5:58PM
Rate my team, please! (Archived)
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ZeldaFan113213/18 5:50PM
Leftovers Farming, Too Easy (Archived)delunatik233/18 5:47PM
Create a new villianous team (Archived)
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charman5163/18 5:43PM
So, 4 EVs equals one stat point? (Archived)ajko00073/18 5:42PM