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So does this mean we have to make a meme about sinnoh now? (Archived)BookThrower45/7 12:24PM
My brother told me the theory that ORAS is set in a post-apocalyptic Hoenn (Archived)ScottThang85/7 12:22PM
Which "Team" was the most threatening? (Poll)
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SideShowBatt125/7 12:19PM
Huh, you learn something new every day. (Sketch) (Archived)Reptobismol25/7 12:18PM
PSA: The OR/AS boards are up (Archived)JusticeLordX15/7 12:17PM
Which acronym would you prefer to use when referring to the Hoenn remakes? (Poll)
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-LusterSoldier-165/7 12:17PM
Isn't anyone else surprised that we received a releae date already? (Archived)
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TaticalWarrior115/7 12:14PM
am I breeding wrong? (Archived)SafetyRey85/7 12:13PM
#SinnohRemakes (Archived)GravelKing95/7 12:07PM
Hoe do you get Frisk on a Dusknoir? (Archived)Frost_Ryans25/7 12:05PM
If there is a midnight launch for ORAS will you go? (Poll)
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pikachupwnage175/7 12:02PM
AO, OA, ORAS, or ASOR? (Poll)
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TrainerAura215/7 12:01PM
Imagine... (Archived)Froakiebloke25/7 12:00PM
Which one?! (Poll)MegaSableye85/7 11:58AM
Lets make #HoennConfirmed trending! (Archived)Wolfie_Claws25/7 11:57AM
Weather ball (Archived)ZFrost15/7 11:57AM
What if... (Archived)MrDerpFTW35/7 11:51AM
who here are willing to help me? (Archived)inTaCtfuL15/7 11:48AM
Your reaction: Omega and Alpha are X2 & Y2 post game. (Archived)BackwardCap45/7 11:47AM
Wait. 3rd gen. 3. Ruby. Sapphire. Minerals. Minerals have a half life. (Archived)Jak1395/7 11:44AM