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Your favorite Pokemon cooks you a meal. It tastes horrible, what do you do? (Poll)
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DarkKirby2500235/7 1:04PM
Your reaction, new Hoenn games are created....... (Archived)paipr55/7 1:02PM
Remakes Confirmed!! (Archived)Kiniest55/7 1:02PM
What extra features do you want in this game? (Archived)jneal5765/7 1:01PM
Did anyone else notice the Omega and Alpha symbols on Groudon and Kyogre? (Archived)MariaAlteration65/7 12:59PM
How many water routes do you want in ORAS? (Poll)DeepsPraw55/7 12:58PM
*Giggles* (Archived)Blingya2585/7 12:58PM
I'm glad I don't hack so there's actually a point of playing the new remakes (Archived)
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spincyclematt235/7 12:54PM
Hoenn remakes confirmed (Archived)likeabosssss15/7 12:51PM
We don't need anymore remakes after Ruby/Sapphire right? (Archived)
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Stover46245/7 12:48PM
someone help my hoenn based team? (Archived)BloodmarkMentor15/7 12:46PM
Calling it right now: the R/S remakes will suck big time (Archived)
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xrayscope295/7 12:46PM
Do you think OR/AS will introduce new mega evolutions. (Archived)
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koopabros64185/7 12:44PM
Type Islands RP; Episode 5 (Archived)
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Chrizzel285005/7 12:44PM
How long do you think before all the Hoenn hype dies down on this board? (Archived)cyclonebros95/7 12:40PM
So with the announce of OR and AS im wondering... (Archived)cosmicstarfish125/7 12:40PM
Rivals expectations (Archived)CrimsonBeetle25/7 12:39PM
Just like when I was a kid, picking sapphire first (Archived)Holy_Oblivion75/7 12:38PM
X/Y, Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire... Z Emerald with Mega Rayquaza and Mega Zygarde? (Archived)shadyguyrockman65/7 12:34PM
Hidden Power, how do I find it? (Archived)Tardygirl35/7 12:32PM