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Pokemon and humans were made for eachother (Archived)GiranXYZ65/6 1:25PM
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R/S remake topics. Topic2. The Story (Poll)
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Swamp-marsh-mud285/6 1:07PM
What matters more? Stats, movepool, or typing? (Archived)LRodC95/6 1:05PM
For $1,000,000... (Archived)
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Wow... I use battle spot for the first time and... (Archived)
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can you change your character's hair color to pink in pokemon x? (Archived)
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milotic44125/6 12:44PM
Looking for a shiny Charmander or one from another country (Archived)TyMiller9935/6 12:42PM
What is the drawback of the ability Pixilate? (Archived)
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milotic44235/6 12:40PM
YRW: GF changes it so that attacks of over 100% accuracy due to modifiers... (Archived)SorceressTharja85/6 12:38PM
Favorite non-clothing appearance (head and skin tone) combo. (Archived)blademyth55/6 12:37PM
Passing Down Moves with Eeveelutions (Archived)rkd11855/6 12:29PM
I thought of this moveset to counter a lot of common Pokemon (Archived)
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cocomunga175/6 12:25PM
Druddigon (Archived)
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How far into the story am I? (Archived)
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Change up my Battle Maison team or keep going? (Archived)Deuce_Deuce_35/6 12:15PM
If they will make an XZ/YZ X2/Y2 what would you expect? (Archived)Fighter1st85/6 12:06PM