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Simple (Ability), does it stay? (Archived)zelos18044/16 1:21AM
how do I get passed sucker punch mega kangaskan? (Archived)
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EskimoBrother144/16 1:15AM
"Communication with the server was interrupted" (Archived)Real_trainerRed84/16 1:06AM
Whom I think should be the New mascot of pokemans. (Archived)
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BrolyvsSnake114/16 12:55AM
I really hope Garchomp gets access to thousand waves/arrows (Archived)
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LightningAce11114/16 12:36AM
Honedge/Aegislash EV spread (Archived)Kodoman54/16 12:18AM
breeding help (Archived)
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grizz96164/16 12:14AM
Pokemon show up in PSS screen? (Archived)Dojorkan44/16 12:05AM
How do I breed hidden power Ice onto Electrike and Litleo? (Archived)ShieryuSilvr44/15 11:59PM
What if Pokemon's Mascot we're changed to... (Archived)Sky_Legend94/15 11:51PM
It finally happened I got scammed (Archived)YOSHI47594/15 11:45PM
Since Volcanion is gonna be a Azumarill's new counter soon.... (Archived)FryDays500084/15 11:41PM
Make a move more epic than it is now (Archived)kclaujames44/15 11:41PM
Just curious, which unused type combination you'd want to see the most? (Archived)
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Chenmaster2584/15 11:40PM
So I hatched a 6 IV shiny Gardivior... (Archived)
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Vadmac124/15 11:34PM
Just hatched a shiny Fletchling with perfect IV's...has Big Pecks. (Archived)
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angra_mainyu214/15 11:17PM
Pikachu sucks (Archived)
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Hydregionzek234/15 11:05PM
Lol, silly red card: Darmanitan is the man, even if female. (Archived)pokemon2poker54/15 10:55PM
Question about evolving (Archived)Citan3734/15 10:43PM
Valerie... Would ya? (Archived)
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Plant42364/15 10:26PM