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YR: We get an ice type SR variant next gen. (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz135/7 1:02AM
Is Durant reliable? (Archived)
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zelionx115/7 12:57AM
enigma berry event? (Archived)Bow_Arrow25/7 12:49AM
YR Switch ins don't use up a turn (Archived)
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MegaSableye135/7 12:02AM
Question about Shedinja (Archived)Yumatsukumo25/6 11:44PM
Pretty evolution for Tauros and Miltank is long overdue (Archived)Groudon_is_Gold85/6 11:36PM
Back when I was noob (Archived)
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Hydregionzek485/6 11:14PM
6IV shiny KB pokemon (Archived)nlopez1225/6 10:52PM
What is THE MOST sought after event in pokemon x/y? (Archived)likeabosssss105/6 10:31PM
Which one of you has the handle "#SWAG #YOLO" on PS? (Archived)TheFAQKing45/6 10:30PM
Mega pokemon and legands (Archived)
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Corlesslover30185/6 10:28PM
would MegaGyaradoes be better if.. (Archived)
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Mrprowley275/6 10:23PM
is 33,234 the max possible exp at one time? (Archived)Fwahm105/6 10:01PM
just won a shiny german 6 iv mamoswine from a gamefaqs topic (Archived)
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Ballinari125/6 9:55PM
Characters and creatures from other games that would make cool Pokemon (Archived)
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SilentSeph175/6 9:41PM
What are some good Zygarde sets? (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin145/6 9:31PM
Plat/diamond would a Wall glitched shiny shaymin be legit or semi (Archived)WhenZebrasgobad95/6 9:31PM
Audino farming? (W2) (Archived)flamepelt75/6 9:24PM
Funbro is awesome (Poll)
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LRodC145/6 9:19PM
RMT First Time (Archived)
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Trackstarrunner175/6 9:19PM