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Kneel to your lord, the Baton Pass! (Archived)
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supremeblaster233/15 10:51PM
Holy Crap... After 5 Gens of multiple playthroughs, I finally caught a shiny... (Archived)AjidoMarujido93/15 10:44PM
What are some songs you like to listen to while playing pokemon? (Archived)
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djmetal777303/15 10:39PM
Counters to moxie/sub gyarados? (Archived)
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Splinter_Within133/15 10:27PM
Why is Pokemon Bank a cloud storage app? (Archived)
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DeepsPraw313/15 10:14PM
Kill la Kill inspired Mono-type Team (Spoilers!!) (Archived)green_ninja9743/15 10:07PM
Ability ideas revolving around Substitute: Puppeteer and Ventriloquist (Archived)
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evilsquirrle143/15 10:07PM
Pokebank doesn't let you transfer items? (Archived)Plasma EXE33/15 10:06PM
How many people out there prefer Wallace to Steven? (Archived)djmetal777103/15 9:56PM
What's up with showdown? (Archived)Xavuu23/15 9:54PM
What if... (I promise you this will be good.) (Archived)
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Inferno4501223/15 9:48PM
im almost surprised darkrai has never been tested in ou (Archived)gamepimp1263/15 9:46PM
ITT: We Make Up HM Stand-Ins (Archived)123outerme83/15 9:44PM
What Pokemon should definitely have HP? (Archived)
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Tacanacy223/15 9:26PM
How can Taillow have Endeavor and Quick Attack at Level 1? (Archived)thediaoman43/15 9:02PM
Give me 6 Pokemon and I'll make a team from them and post some Showdown! replays (Archived)
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SorceressTharja283/15 8:51PM
How exactly does dual-typing work? (Archived)BahamutDarkFire63/15 8:35PM
Mega Kangaskhan and Garchcomp are so boring to fight on battle spot (Archived)
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UltraKangaskhan133/15 8:20PM
Think Triples has potential with some refinement? (Archived)evilsquirrle43/15 8:19PM
Do I need to do super training from low levels or does it not matter? (Archived)iCurious73/15 8:12PM