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got really lucky with this (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr15/6 3:55AM
People complain about pokemon with bad stats, abilities and movepools, but then (Archived)wolf rider55/6 3:05AM
Golurk and Phantom Force (Archived)
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Makenzye135/6 3:04AM
Anyone else think that we need a bug or poison type box art legend? (Archived)LRodC25/6 2:51AM
Do you have a Pokemon/Pokegirl waifu? (Archived)
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XxLiquidBladexX435/6 2:48AM
"Sweet! I got 15 minutes before the next bus, maybe I'll catch a quick battle" (Archived)DragonDeoxys15/6 2:39AM
Can you imagine what it be like if the boy trainer could wear dresses? (Archived)
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GJTheIllumise225/6 2:34AM
How do you use greninja well? (Archived)
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pcmike2445/6 2:23AM
I wish that Stamie could breed with Salamence... (Archived)Starmence25/6 2:18AM
I fought Marriland (Archived)link_1595/6 2:17AM
Think of a pokemon before coming in (Archived)
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LightningAce11475/6 2:06AM
Do you play in SHIFT or SET mode? (Archived)
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MissCarriage375/6 1:58AM
Shiny Mawile! (Archived)
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gsadr123195/6 1:53AM
How would you throw a pokeball? (Poll)
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80s_Memory135/6 1:37AM
VGC team with jumpluff and mega gengar (Archived)LightningAce1185/6 1:12AM
Does Anyone Else.... (Archived)chokingvictim8745/6 1:01AM
Why is it so hard to find an eggsecute with harvest? (Archived)Tadamoto675/6 12:57AM
The next pokemon game (Archived)Jayroach215/6 12:44AM
Cacturne learns destiny bond??? (Archived)LightningAce1125/6 12:29AM
Why only one region / 8 gyms? (Archived)
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TerrorBice335/6 12:24AM