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Best way to check for a HA in a horde? (Archived)Ventwig23/16 3:16PM
Who's the hottest Pokemon in your opinion? (Archived)
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Rayquaza_is_Z173/16 3:12PM
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Umbreon needs to be b& to ubers (Archived)Muffinz0rz43/16 3:10PM
So Smogon actually did this tier change before by using different stats in BW? (Archived)Chenmaster213/16 3:08PM
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after getting x for the gf she wants to watch the anime on Netflix. (Archived)Splinter_Within83/16 3:04PM
Most Disappointing Move Animation? (Archived)
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Phenom13183/16 3:00PM
Is Assault Vest and S.Def investment worth it on HA Chesnaught? (Archived)
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GatedSunOne133/16 2:56PM
Berry Field Questions (Archived)MaxXtreme9633/16 2:54PM
What move exists you didn't know about? (Archived)
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LightningAce11193/16 2:47PM
Is Staraptor good for online battles? (Archived)
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WorldTrader223/16 2:46PM
talonflame build (IVs, EVs, nature moves) (Archived)BassHunterXXX103/16 2:38PM
Focus Punch Question? (Archived)123outerme103/16 2:26PM
if i were to change the ability "intimidate" (Archived)
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reflectives113/16 2:03PM
Help with Zapados EV Spread (Archived)Ehic33/16 1:55PM
Mega Mewtwo X moveset (Archived)bubbyman273/16 1:54PM
Which of these attacks do you miss with more often? (Poll)
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Rayquaza_is_Z543/16 1:53PM
Mega Gengars design sucks. (Archived)Colin_B9163/16 1:49PM
are the IVs for ylvetal predetermined? (Archived)CoolioKDude43/16 1:31PM