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whats the best team for going through the Battle Maison? (Archived)
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Rommyent125/1 8:14PM
very dumb question.. do egg steps increase after a certain time? (Archived)
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MrFingers07185/1 8:13PM
Why doesn't my own mother remember my birthday (Archived)
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improvisionist225/1 8:03PM
I want to pet Lysandre's hair (Archived)improvisionist75/1 7:22PM
New Pokemon game for the Nintendo Fusion (Archived)Burento95105/1 7:22PM
tomorrow my birthday (Archived)SavageSunbobo55/1 7:19PM
Why people get all upset about male Gogoats with Milk Drink? (Archived)Shigmiya6465/1 7:03PM
Which of these Professors (Poll)
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MegaSableye215/1 6:58PM
Who's that Pokemon? (Archived)Jayroach235/1 6:42PM
In Japan seventeen months later Pokemon unveiled BW2 after the release of BW. (Archived)Chenmaster245/1 6:37PM
Anyone make a Custom 3ds Skin? (Archived)TrainerBabby55/1 6:23PM
Would you drink Gogoat's milk? (Archived)
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LRodC125/1 6:23PM
Why would the mega stone (Archived)
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heavyarmsjim37165/1 6:21PM
Bulk Drapion (Archived)dbzbadman0625/1 6:12PM
I know why Sharpedo stinks (Archived)
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Plant42145/1 6:10PM
The Skiddo stole my crib notes (Archived)
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Plant42115/1 6:01PM
Amphinobi (Archived)cocomunga65/1 5:49PM
What's Pokegen? (Archived)warriorman22275/1 5:48PM
Anyone want my shiny Oddish for free? (Archived)lolsophia765/1 5:31PM
So.... What would a CB Ferrothorn set look like in Gen 6? (Archived)Yoshiguy397145/1 5:27PM