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What's a good replacement for Rotom? (Archived)
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franza12133/20 8:46AM
So, any reason to use Surf over Scald in singles this gen? (Archived)Rad_Dudesman43/20 8:39AM
Heatmor widely booed in the streets (smogon) (info) (Archived)
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TurboAE86383/20 8:38AM
Kalos Mega Gardy (Archived)Lord_Chivalry13/20 8:26AM
I just realized how stupid the dev team is (Archived)djmetal777103/20 8:22AM
Anyone else tired/bored of this game? (Archived)
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sahilmohammad153/20 8:16AM
Is Parabolic Charge viable on Solar Power Heliolisk? (Archived)FryDays500093/20 8:14AM
Poliwrath or Politoed (Poll)Toughest43/20 8:10AM
Vanilluxe's Truth (Archived)
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charman5543/20 8:00AM
Medicham exploded me? (Archived)DrEchoKnight103/20 7:53AM
I love this comic so much. I love Pokemon X and Y. (Archived)
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gawado113/20 7:47AM
RMT VGC 2014 team - been testing it out on Showdown (Archived)Zarakai198993/20 7:42AM
Which Item for Latias? (Archived)DrakJay93/20 7:25AM
Nurse Joy keeps hitting on me lately..; (Archived)Madsoldie4493/20 7:10AM
What offensive move combo is best for Flower Veil Florges... (Poll)FryDays500043/20 7:06AM
Are hidden abilities pasted down from the male or female pokemon to the egg? (Archived)Tadamoto683/20 7:03AM
How many competitive pokemon...... (Archived)N-K-S103/20 6:51AM
Split Evo discussion day 3: Tyrogue (Poll)henriue73/20 6:24AM
Most wanted feature for next game? (Archived)joey1122323/20 6:21AM
I've added 5 new mons to my competitive roster. (Archived)
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pokemon2poker133/20 6:21AM