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How many generations have you played? (Poll)
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R_and_C_4ever542/26 9:41AM
can someone explain this to me? (Archived)number1boredom82/26 9:39AM
Top Four Best Egg Moves for a Gligar? (Archived)
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OMGHunta152/26 9:31AM
Pokemon with a horrifically poor movepool, what do you give them? (Archived)
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joey11223212/26 9:17AM
Is Datel Powersaves Region-free? (Archived)stiffy30962/26 9:13AM
Dislexic attack names (Archived)
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cocomunga312/26 9:02AM
Will Powersaves Ever Be Patched? (Poll)
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raymond2000476182/26 8:41AM
Twitch Plays Pokemon Because I DON'T KNOW! (Archived)NinjaPirateDood22/26 8:30AM
120,000 Strong! (Archived)BrianTheLegend_62/26 8:25AM
So if I want to restart my digital copy of "Y"... (Archived)MegaVenusaur62/26 8:19AM
What are Power Saves? (Archived)lyle8199222/26 8:18AM
Greninja+Protean+Mat Block (Archived)SoulRequiem262/26 8:15AM
Free Download copy of Pokemon X-Y promo (Archived)
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Vito219292/26 7:57AM
Every bulky water runs the exact same movest (Archived)
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GaleWings-Ho-Oh162/26 7:49AM
I have Polar Vivillon (Archived)Dray042/26 7:46AM
Is Kyogre your favorite water legendary Pokemon? (Archived)
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Second_Hokage362/26 7:39AM
FUSION TRADE! help me get a GOrebyss and HUNtail (Archived)Saixe72/26 7:37AM
What you doing though (Archived)
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cookietheif142/26 7:32AM
YR: Powersaves release a 31 IVs code (Poll)BingSanpao92/26 7:26AM
This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. Listen to the Choir! (Archived)3DSRec32/26 7:02AM