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what do you get the most from wonder trade? (Poll)
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smalls56434/5 1:31PM
Static vs. Lightningrod (Archived)xXKouheiXx94/5 1:30PM
Would you use this pokemon? (Archived)deidara2114/5 1:26PM
Which of these pokemon needs to drop to UU the most? (Poll)
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I-Flygon-I114/5 1:17PM
This, is my luck on battle spot. (Archived)ForeverZero888844/5 1:16PM
Hitmonlee, priority, suitable replacement? (Archived)joey1122314/5 1:13PM
Why do you think Dragalge is the best Kalos Pokemon? (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z84/5 1:12PM
What team should I breed? (Poll)Fowhawk84/5 1:10PM
Need help on making a Doubles team. (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer104/5 1:04PM
Question regardinmg Masuda Method (Archived)Tortus234/5 1:03PM
C/C regigigas should get a mega and some moves (Archived)Teh_Tiltyu74/5 1:03PM
I need a rain dancer (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry164/5 1:02PM
YR: Gender now affects stats and moves and looks for all pokemon (Archived)
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NeedProteanFroa154/5 12:57PM
Calling it now. Talonflame will get a Mega in Gen 7. (Archived)
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CakeOfLies114/5 12:53PM
Hidden Abilities that are not yet released? (Archived)
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X-KID90144/5 12:53PM
Heatran should be NU (Archived)
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LRodC114/5 12:50PM
YR: Cubone gets Parental Bond as an HA. (Archived)Zeeky_Bomb104/5 12:46PM
Talonflame is best (Poll)
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80s_Memory144/5 12:41PM
Arceus shouldn't be banned. (Archived)
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zelionx124/5 12:41PM
What pokemon do you least like to face? (Archived)
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imthestuntman284/5 12:40PM