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Does anyone else use Kingdra? (Archived)xoing99933/1 10:03AM
What pokemon disgusts you when looking at it? (Archived)
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mj_webb823/1 10:01AM
Which would you rather see Twitch play next from Gen 2? (Poll)GilgameshSwords33/1 9:55AM
Absol would suck if.. (Archived)
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PsychoDongYi123/1 9:54AM
I finally caved... (Archived)Orbo9933/1 9:49AM
How does Genesect get Shift Gear? (Archived)Vivisqeq43/1 9:49AM
Friend Safari Shinies... What do you do... (Archived)
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CyberWhiteTiger223/1 9:45AM
Twitch beats Pokemon (Poll)protoparty53/1 9:36AM
They need to not limit gym leaders to three Pokemon in future games. (Archived)
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p00platys163/1 9:34AM
ITT: I'm on crack and unfairly buff all my favorite poke (Archived)DemiseEnd73/1 9:29AM
How completely OP would this be? (Archived)MahoganyTooth9243/1 9:29AM
Why can't I change nicknames any time I want? (Archived)tangnets23/1 9:27AM
A Ghost type weak to Dark tries to switch out. (Archived)BalloonBattle0553/1 9:23AM
Entrainment question (Archived)TheWiseOne0623/1 9:21AM
The biggest slap in the face in pokemon history... (Archived)
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iammaxhailme183/1 9:20AM
All gym leaders should have a Last pokemon theme (Poll)CubeTheLwNoob73/1 9:09AM
The Truth Behind the Discontinuation of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Services. (Archived)Chenmaster283/1 9:07AM
Rate the Mega: Day 6: Abomasnow (Poll)pafbonk53/1 9:00AM
I need a good substitute for Wash Rotom, he just lost me a Maison Match :/ (Archived)BlackFeathers53/1 8:57AM
Replay showcasing why physical Torrent Greninja is good in 3vs3 (Archived)cocomunga13/1 8:56AM