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EV training my last pokemon! (Archived)sockrox22/25 10:46PM
Feraligatr's HA is probably gonna be changed to Strong Jaw. (Archived)
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leak_man222/25 10:42PM
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Logic of a Pokemon player.... (Archived)TC983462/25 10:13PM
Ice types should get a buff next gen. (Archived)
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Jaricko172/25 10:09PM
Would sucker punch work on an Aegislash that's about to use King's Shield? (Archived)
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Ragiroth242/25 10:04PM
All Hail the mighty Conkeldurr (Archived)Death_Gaze92/25 10:04PM
Apricorn Ball Poll for a shiny Mega Gengar breeding project (Poll)
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Don_of_Blades212/25 10:01PM
Describe your ideal Pokemon game! (Archived)
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Shigmiya64242/25 9:55PM
Gamefreak should give every Mega evolution Unburden (Archived)srzg82/25 9:54PM
Have you failed making the beds on time because (Poll)keyos2792/25 9:52PM
Why are people releasing pokemon while attempting a Wonderlocke? (Archived)Isaac198732/25 9:50PM
Suppose the moveslot limitation was removed (Archived)
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Taimanin_Asagi132/25 9:49PM
what the **** (Archived)
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ForeverZero8888112/25 9:46PM
Anyone here remember that guy that got... (Archived)tarzanmx62/25 9:44PM