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You Get To Keep One of These Pokemon..... (Poll)
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raymond2000476333/30 2:39PM
Did they patch cloning? (Archived)CaineX8893/30 2:22PM
My Pokemon was Poisoned, but he wasn't getting hurt when I walked? (Archived)
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Spiega133/30 2:10PM
3DS Capture (Archived)metroidfan987103/30 2:05PM
What Pokemon should the Mz- RSA give away next? (Poll)Hydregionzek103/30 2:01PM
Who is the creepiest character in X/Y? (Poll)
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choicespec303/30 1:56PM
What's a good defensive build for a Mega Tyranitar? (Archived)Vivisqeq93/30 1:48PM
Trollfreak discussion topic. (Archived)
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Chaosmaster00123/30 1:39PM
LOL Haz masion (Archived)Lord_Chivalry13/30 1:35PM
defensive-ish excadrill? (Archived)
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Bow_Arrow163/30 1:32PM
Early Uber battle showdown experience (Archived)ugoo1833/30 1:31PM
Customizing Pokemon's look needs to be a feature. (Archived)Nightstar199463/30 1:28PM
Remove Shiny Pokemon and give us real Palette Swaps (Archived)
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Chemuraderie113/30 1:21PM
Losing hope in the future of Pokemon battles (Archived)
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ifkman203/30 1:16PM
PokeTransfer Help? (Archived)CrikeyRoo63/30 1:11PM
Can anyone give me some not so used Pokemon to breed? (Archived)
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john150bacardi133/30 12:57PM
#Shedinja4Ubers2014 (Archived)AoiHydra10173/30 12:49PM
Ash has been depressed ever since his girlfriend died. (Archived)
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Steelix500143/30 12:45PM
Returning to Pokemon after 15 years... (Archived)
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XSteelWarriorX113/30 12:37PM
Best Shiny Pokemon (Archived)
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Amourshipping223/30 12:36PM