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Modest or Timid Mr Mime? (Archived)vinhamon45/4/2014
What is your favorite pokemon... #3 (Archived)
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are Hp fire froakie worth anything? (Archived)
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Ice Cream (Someone draw this one of these on MS) (Archived)IceCreamMan515/4/2014
Why use Crunch over Shadow Claw on Mega Lucario? (Archived)
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Tipping increasing shiny rates? (Archived)INSANE72KING55/4/2014
So you know how whales can explode? (Archived)MetaFalconPunch45/4/2014
My HP Fire froakie disappoints greatly (Archived)mx_70385/4/2014
Do you think we will ever get the event legendaries? (Archived)ZLn1335/4/2014
do you think gamefreak takes the rest of the world into account when (Archived)
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What are some Pokemon that you instantly knew you'd like based on their design? (Archived)
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Rate My Team: Mono Water (Archived)
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ideas for an adamant gogoat? (Archived)
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Talk about oblivious (showdown replay) (Archived)pcmike215/4/2014
Name A Pokemon That Can Live Through A Nuclear Bomb (Archived)
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1 and a half years ago, I had a huge poll on the B2 boards... (Poll)
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Shiny rates? (Archived)INSANE72KING25/4/2014
The 2ds (Archived)Mrprowley55/4/2014
YR: Slaking is now forced to Slack Off every other turn, rather then skip a turn (Archived)warriorman22255/4/2014
How easy is it to get a modest fennekin as a starter? (Archived)bcsnakeeyes195/4/2014