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Why isn't water super effective against steel? (Archived)
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MrDerpFTW125/2 4:16PM
Day Six! Which Pokegirl would use the Kalos Mon, Pyroar! (Poll)
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PrettyTonyTiger165/2 4:02PM
Gen 3! GEN 3! GEN 3 HINTS EVERYWHERE! (Archived)
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Second_Hokage125/2 4:01PM
Rage powder not working? (Archived)gsadr12345/2 3:45PM
If officerzangoose, lonta_beans2 and Hodeida were a team in 7th gen. (Archived)
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Kiurx715/2 3:40PM
how would you personally rank these yveltals (Archived)Sweet_Melon45/2 3:37PM
Charizard is shorter than I am IRL? And Dragonite is only like 7 feet?? (Archived)lazycomplife55/2 3:32PM
RMT-need suggestions (Archived)Xerxes13215/2 3:24PM
May Online Tournament (Archived)eldewey51935/2 3:17PM
I'm so f***ing sick of f***ing Daemons-f***ing-charm (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz125/2 3:16PM
What are some of yalls favorite Pokemon? (Archived)
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k41m125/2 3:16PM
"Gamefreak doesn't care about the metagame" (Archived)
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OfficerZangoose365/2 3:12PM
Best Weather (Poll)
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celticpride6155/2 2:51PM
What is your least favorite cover legendary trio? (Poll)LRodC75/2 2:26PM
April competition rank (Archived)itachi0085/2 2:22PM
April Friendly Results (Archived)RajakaiTheBeast45/2 2:18PM
YR: Ghost type immunity changed to be immune to all physical moves... (Archived)
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TheRamosOnline185/2 2:02PM
Hey, so work up pyroar with hyper voice and fire blast isn't too bad. (Archived)LightningAce1135/2 1:52PM
Some days, the Hax Masion wants to be sure you know who's really in charge. (Archived)ClassyOldHat35/2 1:40PM
I want to buy Pokemon X or Y (I need advice) (Archived)sadiel775/2 1:28PM