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NPC trainer list? (Archived)mariannagueli22/26 9:39PM
Does the restart "glitch" still work if you want multiple starters? (Archived)
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ajko000192/26 9:35PM
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TheResidentEvil162/26 9:30PM
Moveset for a raticate? (Archived)MIGUESLY82/26 9:26PM
What is the true definition of "Pokemon Master"? (Archived)
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QuantumWolf372/26 9:22PM
Shiny Yveltal... (Poll)
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navi854112/26 9:21PM
What do I masuda next? (Poll)
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TheResidentEvil142/26 9:10PM
What lvl does a pokemon need to be before you use an IV Calc? (Archived)
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NTF_Madara182/26 9:00PM
Please help my team!! I need it. (Archived)ShinyKingdra12/26 8:58PM
who is more swol? Machamp or Conkeldurr? (Archived)_LittleUnit_102/26 8:58PM
Got my first ever non-planned shiny! (Archived)Enferolunos92/26 8:55PM
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POLL: Which Charizard is better? (Poll)MetaDeDeDe82/26 8:40PM
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Magmortar is OP (Archived)ut2k372/26 8:06PM
Starly is the cutest starting bird (Archived)ArcXenos52/26 8:04PM