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Let's Create a Fighting/Ghost type Pokemon (Archived)
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Brandon042487134/29 11:00AM
Oh damn, best WonderTrade yet. (Archived)Staticnova14/29 10:57AM
Is there a way to tell if a Pokemon can evolve? (Archived)
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k41m154/29 10:42AM
I know event is over but torchic question (Archived)N_0mnizohar74/29 10:26AM
I require help making a Wonder Room team (Archived)SkylaIsMyWife34/29 10:21AM
How many potions do yall have on you at once? (Archived)
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k41m324/29 10:20AM
Seismic Toss? (Archived)Jodora34/29 10:15AM
What are the limits to what move reminder can reteach? (Archived)kunell24/29 10:11AM
YR: Vs. Recorder gets an upgrade. (Archived)
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Riolu-Master114/29 10:05AM
After much incest I've hatched and outstanding Skorupi (Archived)
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Plant42174/29 10:01AM
Type Islands RP; Episode 4 (Archived)
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slomaster5004/29 9:56AM
Is this Gengar Set Viable? (Archived)
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chokingvictim87134/29 9:54AM
How would you feel if collecting the 8 badges and being champ was the post game? (Archived)CarefreeDude64/29 9:53AM
How would you feel about a prequal? (Archived)mudballman84/29 9:52AM
Double Battles in a nutshell (Archived)OfficerZangoose104/29 9:48AM
Where to go after Santalune city? (Archived)k41m34/29 9:47AM
Help my team (Archived)XoXTailzXoX44/29 9:46AM
what if you fed vanilluxe an ice cream? (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami484/29 9:13AM
What are your favorite Poketubers? (Archived)
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Heisenburro194/29 9:12AM
My ideal order for this generation. (Archived)Kiurx24/29 9:07AM