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''You can't battle with your locked Battle Box.'' (Archived)
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-Unowninator-192/26 10:54PM
Smogon can't even beat Bibarel so they ban it. (Archived)
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ElectricPorygon122/26 10:51PM
I have two 5IV Joltiks but I'm not sure what to do with the second move set? (Archived)Chenmaster272/26 10:50PM
do you think they will add pokemon "surrogacy" to the newer games? (Archived)
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mj_webb242/26 10:47PM
Y/R what if (Archived)
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the_doctor1013132/26 10:45PM
Celebi? (Archived)Patriarch10592/26 10:37PM
So who's banned to Ubers so far? (Archived)
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AsianSuperman112/26 10:24PM
Just hatched 6IV HA SHINY poliwag!! (Archived)TheResidentEvil102/26 10:12PM
How many of you are still excited for Diancie? (Poll)Puppyfaic52/26 10:07PM
My first Shiny! (Archived)Jaxy7352/26 10:03PM
Complaint about evolution/Question about evolution/General thoughts (Archived)WitchBaby420022/26 9:50PM
Name some non-OU pokemon (Archived)cgreenw92/26 9:50PM
Why is the DNA Splicer so annoying to use? (Archived)firedude75052/26 9:49PM
good nature for Ferroseed? (Archived)mj_webb62/26 9:47PM
So... Powersave'd shinies can't be used online (Battle Spot/GTS/etc.)? (Archived)J_Applei102/26 9:44PM
Assault Vest empoleon (Archived)
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ArcXenos122/26 9:42PM
NPC trainer list? (Archived)mariannagueli22/26 9:39PM
Does the restart "glitch" still work if you want multiple starters? (Archived)
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ajko000192/26 9:35PM
3 shiny poliwags and none are HA (Archived)
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TheResidentEvil162/26 9:30PM
Moveset for a raticate? (Archived)MIGUESLY82/26 9:26PM