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Porygons are still worth something after all this time. (Archived)ss4gogeta_dark12/27 10:27PM
How is this breloom set? (Poll)
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Why is Hitmontop the most used Pokemon in Triple Battles? (Archived)
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rynoweiss192/27 10:02PM
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Who started the Helix fossil thing? (Archived)
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jamieyello0162/27 9:56PM
Why don't I see more Mega Gyarados usage? (Archived)
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Legend3000132/27 9:51PM
Creating well rounded Competative Battling Team (help) (Archived)ViviFatigue92/27 9:51PM
Can celebi be resat? (Archived)NovaCast42/27 9:47PM
Nicknaming pokemon? (Poll)
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Madsoldie44112/27 9:43PM
Apparently if you want to buy a Greninja plush it would cost you $70. (Archived)
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Chenmaster2132/27 9:41PM
Pokemon is coming to Netflix March 1st! (Archived)chunkyshtew102/27 9:39PM
VGC advice after playing smogon singles? (Archived)
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jolteonsock122/27 9:25PM
With the online being cut off... (Archived)minun7352/27 9:19PM
Any Mac Powersave users? (Archived)Shadow800882/27 9:09PM
about friend safaris (Archived)blacjackchong32/27 9:00PM
Do you know how sad my life has become? (Archived)
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Hydregionzek132/27 8:58PM
Hmm my brongzong named 'HellsBells' got to keep its nickname... (Archived)Holy_Oblivion52/27 8:53PM
Reshiram! What have they done to your majestic voice?! (Archived)abcDSBT32/27 8:52PM
Good Baton Passers Needed (Or Team Suggestions) (Archived)KoolDood77762/27 8:48PM