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Is there a ratio and or percentage for ability chances? (Archived)gsadr12365/3 6:42PM
Why does Diantha not do anything in the story? (Archived)
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Butter_Scotch165/3 6:41PM
Mega crawdaunt (Archived)LightningAce11105/3 6:37PM
Will moves like dig or fly activate speed boost imbetween the turns to use them? (Archived)ToborTheRobot85/3 6:32PM
I still think Altaria should be a Fairy type (Archived)GravelKing35/3 6:26PM
being able to release eggs would be so convenient (Archived)
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Deuce_Deuce_285/3 6:23PM
Psychic types that should be retyped to Fairy (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger235/3 6:21PM
Who's your PokeWafflle? (Archived)
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Lonta_Beans135/3 6:11PM
Who's your PokeWaifu? (Archived)
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Puglia77225/3 5:59PM
What would be your ideal Fairy type Pokemon? (Archived)
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Tyranidomega295/3 5:58PM
discussing the item : CHOICE SCARF (Archived)I-Flygon-I95/3 5:56PM
Egg moves for Ponyta (Archived)Megatonez55/3 5:50PM
I've been trying to hatch a shiny adamant growlithe everyday since November. (Archived)
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Kyyubiofdark155/3 5:49PM
Garchomp needs a priority dragon type move (Archived)
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LightningAce11185/3 5:48PM
Best IVs for Ursaring (Archived)INSANE72KING65/3 5:44PM
I thought Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde were shiny locked... (Archived)IceYoshi85/3 5:37PM
Day Seven! Which Pokegirl would use the Kalos Mon: Aegislash! (Poll)
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PrettyTonyTiger225/3 5:29PM
Why no move tutors or battle frontier? This game was too short and boring. (Archived)
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Bubble_Berry_115/3 5:16PM
Who should I add to my team? (ingame) (Archived)mudballman55/3 5:07PM
thoughts on "cheating"? (Archived)
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actuatedkarma385/3 5:06PM