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powersaves functionality question (Archived)SpoonMan5432153/19 11:46AM
That's right mo f*****! Get owned by Water Fairy Princess Rabbit! (Archived)
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MegaSableye153/19 11:46AM
i require assistance, how can i make my team better (Archived)
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inTaCtfuL143/19 11:41AM
Why is it so had to do an RMT? (Archived)
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Oshawottownage133/19 11:38AM
Would you buy DLC BGM? (Archived)bbkkristian93/19 11:34AM
Boomburst hits ghosts? (Archived)plasmawisp171343/19 11:13AM
Best stealth rock and Roar/whirlwind user? (Archived)dioxxys93/19 11:13AM
My favorite Pokemon of each generation. (Archived)
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Swamp-marsh-mud403/19 10:59AM
Who's the king? (Poll)
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Magikarpus133/19 10:58AM
Where can I find the latest smogon tiers? (Archived)Gsus_94103/19 10:50AM
Question on restoring saves without Power Saves (Archived)Sephiroth032743/19 10:41AM
RMT: Trollerific (Archived)jEr3mY93/19 10:40AM
Why is it that when I press dont include special pokes I still see em? (Archived)Blue_Inigo63/19 10:36AM
Scope lens and razor claw (Archived)Chaos4629063/19 10:29AM
Outstanding dritini 6iv question (Archived)wademun199153/19 10:16AM
Do you consider Latios and Latias the COUPLES Pokemon Or Siblings Pokemon? (Archived)
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JudgeMaster533/19 10:06AM
Been toying w/ a Battle Spot Doubles Trick Room team, advice to improve it? (Archived)
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TheJester2243/19 10:05AM
The most annoying team ever. (Archived)ZeldaTPLink43/19 10:03AM
Can't win consistently in online battles. :( (Archived)
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Bryon28223/19 9:59AM
These four players really make me scratch my head... (Archived)GatedSunOne93/19 9:52AM