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We, Team Rocket are - (Poll)
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jb08045133/14 12:42PM
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HP Grass Greninja is so good... (Archived)
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Lady-Lucy143/14 12:23PM
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90% of my attacks missed, 90% of "other trainer's" attacks landed critical (Archived)moltres_rider103/14 11:53AM
is a female supersized HA pumpkaboo possible? (Archived)leif063/14 11:47AM
Almost buying this... (Archived)Cookie Bag73/14 11:37AM
So bored of pokemon X so it's times to (Archived)
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HomieKnockout193/14 11:25AM first ever OU showdown battle (Archived)HHDeception63/14 11:22AM
Is there a calculator that can show team overall weaknesses and strengths? (Archived)FalxXD23/14 11:22AM