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Does Battle Maison enforce Item Clause? (Archived)Lowerarchy22/28 7:17AM
C/D Game Freak should give power gem to rock types (Archived)SkylaIsMyWife52/28 6:55AM
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Diancie and Lati@s. What about Vivillon? (Archived)SoulRequiem262/28 6:22AM
How has Malva's or the protagonist's face not melted off? (Archived)shrooboid31352/28 6:19AM
Stop bringing logic into Pokemon (Archived)kokobeng1000012/28 6:18AM
Wow, this pokemon song parody is amazing. Also boobs. (Archived)
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CarefreeDude232/28 6:11AM
Will there ever be another Colosseum type game? (Archived)Pikachu22272/28 6:10AM
Parental Bond in Multi Battle (Archived)Spaggy42/28 6:05AM
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Introducing the Nooblocke (also known as the Realismlocke)! (Archived)vermillion71942/28 6:03AM
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Help with calculation for EV at level 50. (Archived)keyos2732/28 5:49AM
In the fields, the bodies burning.... (Archived)MCPanda696952/28 5:34AM
Just ordered all the games starting from Gen III (Archived)DmanTee92/28 5:33AM
TSV and SV Question (Archived)Zeshen32/28 5:27AM
Bold Wish Eevees?? (Archived)ItsVickerz92/28 5:17AM
Dedenne was just confirmed for Smash Bros (Archived)
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PhantasmShot302/28 4:56AM
Are you guys mostly tired of Mammal-based Fire Starters? (Archived)
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GangstaLizard95472/28 4:42AM