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They Will PAY!!! (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr94/30 11:04PM
How long does it usually take Smogon to get their tier lists finalized? (Archived)
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ElectricDaisy324/30 10:54PM
Error message when entering berry forest (Archived)black_turkey54/30 10:48PM
Looking for kalos bred or caught shiny (Archived)Julio_chumpitaz24/30 10:11PM
Simple pokemon newbie questions (Archived)dsownge84/30 9:42PM
Clefable: moonlight or wish? (Archived)Nabae44/30 9:39PM
What type of Eeveelution are you expecting next? (Poll)
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davidledsma214/30 9:24PM
I saw this EV spread on Serebii... EV distrobution? (Archived)Cosmoesis44/30 9:23PM
This guy was not legit enough to not quit. (Archived)Jarred62334/30 9:23PM
Hitmonchan (Archived)Star99gers104/30 9:05PM
Video of your best battle (Archived)
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supremeblaster224/30 8:59PM
They should remake FireRed (Archived)Jayroach224/30 8:59PM
Has a battle changed you opinion about a pokemon? (Archived)Lord_Chivalry54/30 8:53PM
Who's the better defiant user; bisharp or thundurus? (Poll)Mynameispaul9694/30 8:51PM
Mega Evo Ideas! (Archived)
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Necroj824/30 8:50PM
Ttill haven't caught my Mewtwo yet...any nature for BOTH X and Y? (Archived)voidmiracle104/30 8:29PM
Name the top ten most useful items for multiplayer battles (Archived)deoxxys44/30 8:28PM
Wishlist for pokemon Z (Archived)itachi00104/30 8:28PM
Pokemon Z Features / Ideas (Wishlist) (Archived)
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PokemonBlazeX394/30 8:26PM
What are some game mechanics that you'd like to see represented in the anime? (Archived)
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SilentSeph174/30 8:25PM