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curious about hm move not tradeable (Archived)tezzilla53/28 11:14PM
C/D: Jirachi should get Mold Breaker as a HA (Archived)matthewtheman103/28 11:10PM
They clearly ran out of ideas after Gen 1 (Archived)
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Sebas27163/28 11:07PM
Do you use an HM slave? (Archived)
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lolsophia7133/28 11:06PM
The only rational way to deal with Stunfisk (Archived)BTzz23/28 10:59PM
Mega Aggron build (Archived)KaranRP53/28 10:52PM
Rate my Restaurant Le Wow team. (Archived)ajko00043/28 10:37PM
Is it just me? I hear Pokemon cries in these songs (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin123/28 10:22PM
There needs to be abilities that auto-induce trick room and gravity (Archived)kabigon2093/28 10:18PM
Sawk and Throh...why you no Fighting/Rock type? (Archived)
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paipr163/28 10:17PM
Trying to soft reset for Yvetal. Is it really hella time consuming? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger323/28 10:16PM
Why exactly was Dragon Pulse nerfed to 85 power? (Archived)
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NeonDragon9000163/28 10:07PM
Just hatched a shiny Oddish. (Archived)
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ChapFromKrugis353/28 10:01PM
Need spread, Nature, and moveset suggestions. (Archived)matthewtheman103/28 9:54PM
EV training my Ralts (Archived)emeraldfox_0973/28 9:43PM
the Bunnelby Serena tried to catch was shiny (Archived)
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choicespec163/28 9:35PM
Rate/Create-a-move (Archived)
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Flow_149163/28 9:34PM
Would a buff to hail be too crazy to ask for? (Archived)Callista0873/28 9:26PM
I have honestly never seen that river/waterfall in the Pokemon Village. (Archived)navi85493/28 9:22PM
Fire/dragon type (Archived)
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LJx19203/28 9:13PM