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What do you think it's like being trapped in a pokeball? (Archived)
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Choose a type that is super effective against the above poster's type - inversed (Archived)
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Neo Granzon685/2/2014
I found a shiny murkrow :) (Archived)lolsophia725/2/2014
Lets make Fakemon! (Archived)lolsophia7105/2/2014
I don't get it. (Archived)Star99gers55/2/2014
List your unconventional or fun battle maison teams (Archived)dbzbadman0665/2/2014
So whats it gonna be, the next game... (Poll)ZLn1345/2/2014
Contrary question (Archived)Ice_Dragon1445/2/2014
Moves that should be impossible to learn? (Archived)
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Eviolite Smogon? (Archived)
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Psystrike should have +1 priority. (Archived)kadabrium85/2/2014
There's only ONE THING I want from the next Pokemon game. (Archived)dancingbobcat65/2/2014
Rare horde HA giveaway idea (Poll)
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What Is the best method to acquire good Iv pokes? (Archived)itrainpokemon95/2/2014
Viridian City, Pokemon can be gritty (Archived)mahgah9165/2/2014
Does Spore (powder type moves) not work on fire types? (Archived)Muffinz0rz75/2/2014
Why isn't water super effective against steel? (Archived)
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Day Six! Which Pokegirl would use the Kalos Mon, Pyroar! (Poll)
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Gen 3! GEN 3! GEN 3 HINTS EVERYWHERE! (Archived)
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Rage powder not working? (Archived)gsadr12345/2/2014