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is glameow the most important pokemon (Archived)I-Flygon-I64/29 4:13PM
Seviper and Zangoose can OHKO a Scizor (Archived)
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lawlnope154/29 4:11PM
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Transfer Poke Miles to a Different Game (Archived)rhynok144/29 3:48PM
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Mutliplayer Inverse Battles coming next month (Archived)
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Serebii from SPP654/29 3:45PM
possible OU team? (Archived)Symphonic_Sage44/29 3:44PM
ITT: Pokemon whose usage status will change once Thousand Arrows is released. (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz124/29 3:32PM
Question regarding Egg Moves (Archived)Kazagin_24/29 3:20PM
I really want them to redo Salamence's design (Archived)
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The Fir Coat154/29 2:46PM
If they pulled an B2/W2 with X/Y which Rival should become a gym leader? (Poll)
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Brandon00151174/29 2:45PM
Need a new team with some requirements! (Archived)Ethanb90084/29 2:43PM
Emotional Connections to Polygons, a true Tale On Flame. (Archived)
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STBTakeAChance314/29 2:43PM
whicham? (Poll)I-Flygon-I34/29 2:28PM
Why are clones bad? (Archived)
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King_of_Flan214/29 2:18PM
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Egg moves for Medicham (Archived)vinhamon54/29 2:12PM
Rate my UU team? (Archived)
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RainboomBox194/29 2:06PM
Your preferred Regigigas build/EV spread? (Archived)Shyvana14/29 1:55PM