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How do you change your characters skin tone? (Archived)AvarielFeystar85/1 11:52AM
Why do people hate popular and good pokemon? (Archived)
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LightningAce11325/1 11:52AM
Chesnaught looks horrible. (Archived)
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Delphox435/1 11:51AM
Poke Transporter -- Does it change the Pokemon's date? (Archived)RayCRP35/1 11:39AM
Most shiny encounters in one day? (shiny charm + friend safari) (Archived)
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jalens255/1 11:35AM
How do I use Mega Gengar "properly"? (Archived)OfficerZangoose75/1 11:14AM
How come only Charizard got two mega evolutions (among the three starters). (Archived)
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milotic44255/1 11:13AM
I love chesnaught (Archived)
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Seraphii355/1 10:58AM
Excadrill Set (Archived)Ethanb90065/1 10:47AM
Oh god, they're multiplying (Archived)Fwahm55/1 10:40AM
What if in next gen only KB Pokemon can migrate? (Archived)choicespec35/1 10:39AM
Idea for awesome new keyitem (Archived)FanaticFallacy25/1 10:28AM
Any tips for hidden power breeding? (Archived)iamBGS105/1 10:25AM
The computer and protect... Why? (Archived)Plant4265/1 10:17AM
The fact the the aquarium has no actual swimming pokemon bothers me to this day. (Archived)BigRhinoX25/1 10:16AM
Can I change this? (Archived)Jenesty55/1 10:14AM
Have a laugh (Archived)
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gamemaster712115/1 10:11AM
is attacking move SLAM allowed in tournaments? (Archived)
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I-Flygon-I125/1 9:41AM
What are your top 10 least favorite pokemon? (Archived)
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XYSRTSE385/1 9:33AM
Battle box (Archived)itachi0065/1 9:30AM