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ITT: Reactions to the ban of Knock Off (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz375/2 12:24AM
EV calculation help: In order for an adamant [MEGA]Tyranitar to out-speed (Archived)keyos2785/1 11:38PM
How well does Zoroark work in the Maison? (Archived)
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gamerman57115/1 11:34PM
Anyone got a modest infiltrator noibat?? (Archived)Daniel949465/1 11:20PM
steven stone is a jerk and cynthia is a a lot nicer (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami135/1 10:53PM
I just killed a ****ing Garchomp with my Meloetta! (Archived)Blue_Inigo75/1 10:45PM
Slight analyzes needed, Hasty Absol with 17 IV in speed (Archived)voidmiracle75/1 10:39PM
Doubles Team ideas (Archived)Tubbus35/1 10:37PM
What kind of trainer class are you? Why do you do the things you do? (Archived)
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Feathermind395/1 10:13PM
I guess I'm an idiot for not realizing this earlier, But.... (Archived)Forsaken_EE45/1 10:06PM
regarding deoxy forms in pokebank (Archived)xiaotama75/1 10:01PM
Is Aura Sphere unaffected by Confusion? (Archived)Blue_Inigo55/1 9:58PM
My Idea of a CAP (Archived)warriorman22255/1 9:57PM
Why do people even use Gardevoir? (Archived)
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LRodC115/1 9:46PM
Dumb HA breeding question... (Archived)
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Lobster44115/1 9:29PM
whats the best team for going through the Battle Maison? (Archived)
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Rommyent125/1 9:14PM
very dumb question.. do egg steps increase after a certain time? (Archived)
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MrFingers07185/1 9:13PM
Why doesn't my own mother remember my birthday (Archived)
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improvisionist225/1 9:03PM
I want to pet Lysandre's hair (Archived)improvisionist75/1 8:22PM
New Pokemon game for the Nintendo Fusion (Archived)Burento95105/1 8:22PM