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Does Scrappy reduce/prevent wild Ghost-type encounter, or... (Archived)Gardevoir_ex43/13 11:44AM
Sylveon just obtained but no dex entry! (Archived)
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nicklick113/13 11:42AM
Kalos Dex - Pokeballs vs Kalos Flag (Archived)Jeod_Cripto33/13 11:41AM
Can we just chill out about the Ice type being bad (Archived)iKhan8843/13 11:34AM
what ivs for a mega khangaskan? (Archived)BassHunterXXX63/13 11:24AM
Should Mega Milotic should be Water/Dragon or Water/Fairy or just Water? (Poll)
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Chenmaster2203/13 11:17AM
If salamence could use his flying stab he'd be a top 2 OU dragon (Archived)
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gamepimp12523/13 11:09AM
Volcanion & Hoopa (Archived)MegaSableye93/13 10:54AM
Who uses HP Electric? (Archived)
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FryDays5000113/13 10:45AM
PS - An interesting random battle (Archived)Cloudx613/13 10:40AM
Shiny Chaning in Friend Safari? (Archived)Aaron13oy33/13 10:35AM
Starmie is the worst Pokemon ever! (Archived)
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Heisenburro163/13 10:35AM
Shiny Pokemon dreams crushed - brother turns off GBA after live shiny appears (Archived)
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RichieL1991833/13 10:35AM
Just for fun topic: In a Gen 3 Remake where do you think they'll put the new TMs (Archived)Duncanwii63/13 10:29AM
If "banned" Pokemon are still allowed in ubers, then why do people care? (Archived)
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CaptainSkank383/13 10:28AM
Can powersaves alter moves on pokemon? (Archived)drlolimaster43/13 10:09AM
Next 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' Ideas (Archived)
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Zingerale283/13 10:03AM
I know this is the millionth "Create a Mega" topic but f*** it. (Archived)AppleJeZus63/13 10:00AM
Which Pokemon has the finest body? (Archived)
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BluntGrunt243/13 9:57AM
Friend Safaris (Archived)Aaron13oy53/13 9:56AM