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Do you special battle? (Poll)Aurawhisperer32/25 7:21AM
What will be the next big pokemon event? (Poll)
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xXkewls0358292/25 7:11AM
Do you think Nidoqueen could beat up your dad? (Archived)
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SalsaSavant162/25 7:08AM
Should I use a Hasty Heatran? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger62/25 7:06AM
So... Will Powersave bring back the Gems? (Archived)
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ashrobb162/25 6:51AM
Top 5 most attractive human characters in XY (Archived)
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matdsotm3202/25 6:46AM
How is Belly Drum Chesnaught? (Archived)Vivisqeq42/25 6:45AM
Good moveset for a physical attacking Nidoking? (Archived)
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dotsgalore218322/25 6:44AM
They said you couldn't beat the maison with a defensive team, or your favorites. (Archived)
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Aegislash7202/25 6:35AM
YR: Porygon gets Cosmic Power (Archived)Catluver1712/25 6:28AM
Someone called me a b**** for switching out (Archived)
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omgitsjustme112/25 6:27AM
Not done: Make a pokemon broken by giving a move that (Archived)
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kadabrium142/25 6:20AM
What pokemon should I breed today?(part 2) (Poll)CubeTheLwNoob42/25 6:01AM
Aggron Vs Steelix Vs Skarmory Vs honedge Vs Metagross (Archived)GTthunder52/25 5:46AM
question about genesect (Archived)GTthunder32/25 5:23AM
Do You Like Venusaur? (Poll)
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BurnedPotatoes222/25 5:22AM
Help this (Mega)Gardevoir build? (Archived)alienhamster42/25 4:45AM
How many times have you had toxic miss in a row? (Archived)keflyn62/25 4:38AM
Clefairy or Clefable? (Archived)vinhamon92/25 4:28AM
Smogonite (Archived)
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MjnMixael172/25 4:21AM