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Simple Volcarona. (Archived)
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DarkWarriorTM244/29 6:55AM
Day Two! Which Pokegirl would use the Kalos Mon: Diggersby! (Poll)
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Out of all the wild pokemon that anyone has ever encountered but didn't catch... (Archived)
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zelionx204/29 6:14AM
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Move Idea: Danger Sense. (Archived)Duncanwii54/29 5:54AM
Who are some good VGC or Doubles Youtubers (Archived)
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Smogon hates good pokemon because they are good (Archived)
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Laihendi124/29 5:25AM
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When you think Pokemon (Archived)BluntGrunt54/29 5:23AM
Meowstic, why do you not learn Taunt?! (Archived)OfficerZangoose14/29 4:55AM
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Need some advice on my trick room team... (Archived)Kaetross14/29 4:49AM
Everyone has a full team of shinies online . . . (Archived)
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spincyclematt684/29 4:41AM
question about the damage calculations on Showdown (Archived)jEr3mY54/29 4:37AM