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Haven't played a pokemon game in probably 13 years... (Archived)
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calinks153/12 11:46PM
Wow! Who else is excited for the new Pokemon movie?! (Archived)
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Spiega183/12 11:25PM
Making a heavy physical offensive team. Trying a speed passer. Thinking Jolteon? (Archived)CuddleWithClaws53/12 11:15PM
dude raged at the end of the battle (Archived)sahilmohammad83/12 11:14PM
if Persians shiny was all black it would like a black panther (Archived)Germaicanboy33/12 11:14PM
Can I take a moment to point out... (Archived)xrayscope53/12 11:12PM
My friends get all the fun on Showdown. (Archived)
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davidledsma113/12 11:11PM
So the movie distribution is Phantom Force Darkrai.... (Archived)
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gxmaster113/12 10:52PM
Pokemon Bank really helps me manage my Spindas. (Archived)
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I_Wanna_Cookie333/12 10:52PM
Has anyone tried out defog flygon? (Archived)Chenmaster243/12 10:51PM
Has anyone ran charizard and garchomp as dance partners (Archived)gamepimp12103/12 10:50PM
Let's say that Nintendo reveals another Pokemon game at this year's E3 (Poll)EddMario43/12 10:49PM
Question for those of you with Powersaves (Archived)redbombshell773/12 10:43PM
Technically, we did get Bugaboom and Houndoomed (Archived)
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iKhan88123/12 10:34PM
I lost my mind!! Watch close PKMN battle (Archived)Smitk159243/12 10:34PM
Focus Miss (Archived)
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srzg423/12 10:29PM
Man...this mew set is so OP (Archived)Falchionne43/12 10:23PM
Uhh how do I breed this? (Archived)Vadmac63/12 10:21PM
You know some of the split-evolutions from Gen4 were very cool like Gallade and (Archived)Chenmaster253/12 10:18PM
New Types (Poll)
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MegaSableye333/12 10:10PM