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The Extremely Awful Eevee Challenge. (Archived)
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Where is a good pokemon stat calculator? (Archived)Red John44/26 12:37PM
How better would these three become is they learn Recover ? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger184/26 12:25PM
There are no good vgc attacking grass types right now (Archived)
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loffter194/26 12:24PM
If twave does not affect ground types (Archived)
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kadabrium204/26 12:20PM
If toxic doesn't affect steel types (Archived)
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Soothesayer194/26 12:15PM
April Friendly: Post your battles (Archived)Runeofnite34/26 12:03PM
Looking for team suggestions for each format (details inside) (Archived)Inferno0524/26 12:00PM
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Anyone having problems with the network? (Archived)Manny_San60244/26 11:05AM
Is there really much to do post-elite 4? (Archived)
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LT8174/26 10:58AM
Question regarding weather. (Archived)Staticnova34/26 10:48AM
You can erase your least favorite pokemon, but you must erase your favorite too. (Archived)
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iKhan88264/26 10:46AM
Think of your favorite game (that's not Pokemon) (Archived)mrballerswaggin94/26 10:44AM
ITT:How To Destroy Mega Kangaskan (Archived)
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RajakaiTheBeast324/26 10:21AM
What's your favorite Vivillon pattern? (Archived)mrballerswaggin84/26 10:19AM
Is Zoroark completely forgotten about? (Archived)
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Voodoo_Voldo124/26 10:18AM