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Does anyone know when Birthday Sylveon was added to Powersaves? (Archived)www16415/1/2014
I f***ing hate f***ing Pokemon (Archived)Muffinz0rz35/1/2014
How many times has this happened to you? (Archived)gsadr12325/1/2014
Goodra EV spread? (Archived)Gyroflex35/1/2014
How badly competitive can go if Anime rules are followed (Archived)
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I f***ing hate f***Ing Klefki (Archived)hodelino85/1/2014
Create a Pokemon based on a Nintendo character! (Archived)SprintXtel45/1/2014
Why is Chesto Rest a thing when Lum Berries exist? (Archived)celticpride6105/1/2014
I wish GameFreak would skip Hoenn Remakes... (Archived)
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PS Mono Challenge (Archived)
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Why didn't they take the Pokemon-Amie thing further? (Archived)
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wait, you can nickname any pokemon with powersaves? (Archived)Ballinari65/1/2014
Subzero ALWAYS loses to Scorpion. (Archived)
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Make a Z-Fighter team out of your Pokemon team! (Archived)
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What does Garbodor taste like? (Archived)
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WTF? I got a glitch pokemon in Wonder Trade... (Archived)
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So knock off is better than crunch? (Archived)
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Oh mega ampharos you majestic pokemon. (Archived)temoorashraf35/1/2014
I'm going to do an egg lock (Archived)
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So do you guys go crazy in Smash Bros. when it let's you change color? (Archived)gsadr12355/1/2014