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YR: Next gen wild Pokemon have a 1% chance of having their HA (Archived)
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Lobster44164/29 12:19PM
MoxieChomp - Krookodile's version (Archived)SorceressTharja84/29 12:14PM
One Pokebank with 2 cartridges? (Archived)Blingya2534/29 12:07PM
What happens to your pokemon if you let your Pokebank subcription runs out ? (Archived)MineralPlusBox54/29 11:54AM
first rated showdown battle (Archived)lboyunit1114/29 11:45AM
Why do people hate smogon rules yet not vgc? (Archived)
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LightningAce111054/29 11:45AM
What ability do you prefer when playing with yanmega? (Poll)NeoSioType104/29 11:44AM
IVs you'll get are preset already regardless of parent swapping? RNG? (Archived)CeruleanGamer34/29 11:43AM
best competitive fighting pokemon? (Archived)
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Hunter_mk164/29 11:28AM
Can someone explain how Justin Mcfly Methods works (Archived)fedartz104/29 11:23AM
Who is more suited in Competitive battle... (Archived)itachi0074/29 11:17AM
Let's Create a Fighting/Ghost type Pokemon (Archived)
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Brandon042487134/29 11:00AM
Oh damn, best WonderTrade yet. (Archived)Staticnova14/29 10:57AM
Is there a way to tell if a Pokemon can evolve? (Archived)
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k41m154/29 10:42AM
I know event is over but torchic question (Archived)N_0mnizohar74/29 10:26AM
I require help making a Wonder Room team (Archived)SkylaIsMyWife34/29 10:21AM
How many potions do yall have on you at once? (Archived)
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k41m324/29 10:20AM
Seismic Toss? (Archived)Jodora34/29 10:15AM
What are the limits to what move reminder can reteach? (Archived)kunell24/29 10:11AM
YR: Vs. Recorder gets an upgrade. (Archived)
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Riolu-Master114/29 10:05AM