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does mega Latias really have adaptability and is dragon/fairy type? (Archived)mariopokefan1784/24 11:17AM
Care for a battle with a Sky Trainer? (Archived)GilgameshSwords74/24 11:16AM
Why "Mega"? (Archived)
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LRodC134/24 11:09AM
I need a little advice... (Archived)clayton112324/24 11:08AM
So close! >_< (Archived)Chenmaster214/24 10:48AM
Why did gamefreak make traded pokemon get boosted exp? (Archived)milotic4444/24 10:41AM
Question about Weakness Policy (Archived)Pikapal64534/24 10:38AM
Battle of the Stinky Shrubs (Archived)zelionx74/24 10:36AM
So its my birthday... (Archived)
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Brandon042487114/24 10:34AM
Think of your favorite pokemon. (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry424/24 10:25AM
Pokemon that have fallen from grace? (Archived)
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Magikarpus634/24 10:15AM
Do you think GF will ever make another remake of Red, Blue,Yellow in the future? (Archived)
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mariopokefan17144/24 10:14AM
Pokebank works even though the DNS is the pokedit DNS (Archived)
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milotic44144/24 10:06AM
What is the most ridiculous Pokemon to use in Amie? (Archived)
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GeneralPengu334/24 10:04AM
Substitute breaks damage over time/trapping moves? (Archived)Muffinz0rz64/24 10:03AM
C/D Garchomp with access to Dragon Dance would be Uber (Archived)
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SOAD5657114/24 9:57AM
As someone who's only played R/B/Y, I'm very impressed with this game. (Archived)smkorvette74/24 9:56AM
Pokemon amie question (Archived)itachi0054/24 9:46AM
How do you check a level 1 IVs? (Archived)
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fullmetal4000184/24 9:43AM
Mega-Flygon with Speed Boost (Archived)
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HHDeception164/24 9:24AM