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Ah I love Greninja's infinite STAB (Archived)
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What's the difference between Pokecheck / Shiny GTS / ? (Archived)Animako24/30/2014
Who would win a showdown battle? (Poll)
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Anyone else find the Friend Safari disappointing? (Archived)
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I've improved the Johto Starters! (Archived)
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When will the next Pokemon game be made? (Archived)7lightsXIII34/30/2014
It would be cool if the game had second playthrough w/ all items feature (Archived)milotic4444/30/2014
Is mega gardevoir competitively viable? (Poll)
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Wut? My Solar Power Heliolisk OHKO'ed a YacheMence in the Maison (Archived)
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Name a Song that would make a good elite 4 champion battle theme! (Archived)
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so, after watching the new X & Y anime for the first time, i realized... (Archived)
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Powersaves Loop (Archived)valin2474/30/2014
Why is it that the only people who hate Gen 1 have never played it? (Archived)
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I wrote Serena a song (Archived)mrballerswaggin44/30/2014
So I head u dunt liek Flareon... (Archived)LarsenSan14/30/2014
Can somebody please tell me when it is NOT raining on Route 14? (Archived)
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Would you like it if the next Pokemon game had time travel? (Archived)srzg64/30/2014
WOW! Pokemon Showdown Gothitelle (Archived)
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i need to replace a move with calm mind please help. (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr24/30/2014
Stupid question: what is a D/S/F core? (Archived)Phantom_Seed84/30/2014