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--Cats vs Dogs- Persian,Liepard and Meowstic vs Houndoom,Stoutland and Ninetales (Archived)
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Seismitoad100124/25 12:29PM
I love acrobatics (Archived)Matt_the_noob14/25 12:25PM
A Water-Type Double-Edge is way over due. (Archived)
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H-L-W274/25 12:22PM
Idea to make IV's Better: Change the IV Range (Archived)
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Xynaxus64154/25 12:19PM
Any place I could just buy legit competitive pokemon? (Archived)Patty_Fleur74/25 12:19PM
This is what you get for magicianing a life orb (Archived)
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kadabrium214/25 12:18PM
Whats better, Steel Flying or Ghost Steel? (Archived)_Candice_84/25 12:18PM
The day the good guys lost. (Archived)Dr_sirius_amory54/25 12:14PM
Anistar's gym leader Olympia... (Archived)savagemoonlight54/25 12:13PM
RMT need advice (Archived)80s_Memory14/25 12:10PM
It's kinda sad about aerial battles (Archived)
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WorldTrader124/25 12:04PM
Pokegirls or Pokeboys? (Poll)
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BluntGrunt154/25 11:57AM
After only 9 eggs... (Archived)
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Skull_pro214/25 11:55AM
How's a mixed Greninja? (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr84/25 11:54AM
If I give two 5IV Pokemon each a Destiny Knot does their baby get 6IVs? (Archived)NDN_Shadow74/25 11:51AM
Things I have learned in my 1st 12 fights of the April friendly: (Archived)
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Gleason037144/25 11:48AM
ITT: Pokemon you like that no one uses in battles (Archived)
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cgreenw264/25 11:47AM
What should Mew's Hidden Ability be? (Archived)
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zelionx464/25 11:40AM
6iv Sassy Deoxys build help (Archived)NastyBlasty1754/25 11:33AM
*Amphibians vs Reptiles* -- Seismitoad and Greninja vs Feraligatr and Krookodile (Archived)Seismitoad100104/25 11:31AM