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Most people say they dislike Talonflame, or at least how overused it is. (Archived)
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Windyligth144/26 7:29PM
Is it just me, or is every April Friendly team the same? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
DrakJay264/26 7:27PM
Looking at the Lati Twins in a Different Way (Archived)Estheimaster44/26 7:05PM
Favorite X and Y LPs? (Archived)DeathParade8774/26 6:47PM
When are people going to realize that doubles is the surperior way to battle? (Archived)
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Windyligth304/26 6:30PM
If you could pick the Pokemon in your Friend Safari, what would you choose? (Archived)ShinyMoogle54/26 6:19PM
Why isn't Eviolite Dragonair a thing? (Archived)
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cgreenw144/26 6:18PM
Master Ball (Archived)Uberjoyx94/26 6:12PM
The greatest showdown match ever witnessed (Archived)Leonardo_Borgia24/26 6:11PM
The greatest showdown match ever witnessed. (Archived)Leonardo_Borgia14/26 6:08PM
How to get more acquaintances in Battle Maison? (Archived)Featherine34/26 5:46PM
I demand for burning Kanto battifeld! (Archived)Kiurx44/26 5:43PM
Daily Hotel Ribbons (Archived)Icarusqt44/26 5:38PM
Shuckle is killing in the April Friendly (Archived)
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Chaos46290124/26 5:33PM
Hacked Pokemon Rules?? (Archived)
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CandyPanda194/26 5:29PM
Bisharp users: what move sets do you guys use? (Archived)
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SOAD5657124/26 5:12PM
What should I replace my politoed with? (Archived)safeguarde44/26 5:12PM
post if you would use your friend safari if Game freak allowed us to (Archived)
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Dathedr-vodhr234/26 5:10PM
If Smogon made the anime... (Archived)
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KIngdomSora50854/26 4:53PM
I have found the proof (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry244/26 4:48PM