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I just became very interested in Vivillon (Archived)
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cgreenw124/23 11:24AM
Pokeball pattern for vivillon? (Archived)pmaster34/23 11:24AM
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Best Generation Bird Pokemon? (Archived)
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Unfez1000564/23 11:22AM
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What is the benefit of tipping? (Archived)
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fedartz174/23 10:54AM
Egg moves poll #25 - Teddiursa (Poll)Magikarpus64/23 10:51AM
Something I need help with (team creation wise.) (Archived)blademyth34/23 10:48AM
Most underrated legendary? (Archived)
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OhiDunno164/23 10:45AM
Why is reuniclus so underrated? (Archived)zoomzoom994/23 10:43AM
Mega Gyarados should be NU. (Archived)
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LRodC114/23 10:39AM
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