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Rate my item idea out of 10: it blocks indirect damage (like Magic Guard) but... (Poll)-Unowninator-64/27/2014
Worst possible example of hax... (Archived)
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How did this m-gardevoir outspeed my talonflame? (Archived)
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Dissapointed with this weeks anime episode (Archived)
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How different might Greninja be, if Protean worked a little different.....? (Archived)
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Gardevoir for VGC2014 (Archived)
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any tips for HP breeding? (Archived)Yumatsukumo44/27/2014
Shiny Shinx! Adamant... (Archived)tarzanmx94/27/2014
I know its been said plenty of times already (Archived)
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Cool things to do with switcheroo? (Archived)Zeron RB84/27/2014
{Trick Room} Mega Mawile vs Mega Ampharos (Poll)Animako44/27/2014
Can you have 2 mega stones? (Archived)
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Perish trapping (Archived)Jodora94/27/2014
What would happen if all starter Pokemon only knew Explosion? (Archived)LRodC94/27/2014
LF: Frogadier Friend Safari (Archived)XSiriusLaylinX34/27/2014
Battle of the Flying Bugs! (Archived)
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Normal/Flying or pure Flying? Which is better? (Poll)LRodC94/27/2014
What's your favorite word of the pokemon universe? (Archived)Melkac84/27/2014
YR: Nintendo reveals new Hoenne games at E3 this year... (Archived)
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Nintendo Special Big Band (Archived)_Mewtwo_Shadow_34/27/2014