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I just started battling competitively today, and I'm fairly pleased. (Archived)
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Brodiac1992133/25 12:34AM
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Trade Text chat solution: discuss. (Archived)monk1187663/24 11:59PM
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Help? Trying to find these skater trick people or get my "style" up (Archived)A_Man338335855363/24 11:54PM
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Why does Hawlucha resist rock? (Archived)GREEN0043/24 11:23PM
Is Normal/Flying the only dual typing (Archived)
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mech dragon233/24 11:20PM
Showdown replay - he mad (Archived)
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InhaledCorn183/24 11:17PM
What would you like to see improved on in the next game? (Archived)
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xxgamer91xx133/24 11:10PM
Pokemon Showdown Damage Calc. discrepancy with Bulbapedia question: (Archived)Nodetails63/24 11:05PM
doubles damage calcuation question (Archived)mustardpi31433/24 11:03PM
Getting swept by Mega Charizard Y really burns me up (Archived)iKhan8883/24 11:00PM
What would the anime be like if ash got a talonflame? (Archived)
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pcmike2533/24 10:56PM
Pokemon theroy about Charmander (Archived)
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Bryan_Skull193/24 10:56PM
How does Pokegen work? (Archived)
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Amourshipping113/24 10:51PM
Just need confirmation before I EV train (Archived)jEr3mY83/24 10:46PM