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YR: Celebi gets Quiver Dance. (Archived)achimed54/21 4:01PM
Confusion needs to be like burned, poisoned, etc (Archived)Benify24/21 3:39PM
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Which game to get to find most non Kalos region pokemon? (Archived)Shadowglaze84/21 3:29PM
Why do people say Gen 5 has the besy story? (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin794/21 3:26PM
most annoying pokemon (Archived)
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soundwave591154/21 3:14PM
Gen VI competitive rules (Archived)Z3R0JAY34/21 3:09PM
Is there anything for this game that you predicted that became true? (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin274/21 3:09PM
Zangoose (Archived)
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thethirdthought114/21 3:08PM
What is the most acceptable and respected team for someone to run? (Archived)HHDeception64/21 3:07PM
YR: Blissey/Chansey get Final Gambit in Z (Archived)jiijekkk1274/21 3:00PM
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Do iVs matter ingame? (Archived)DeathParade8724/21 2:44PM
Noobs can't handle the Bisharp (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry344/21 2:43PM
Breading Pokemon (Archived)Steve_Actual74/21 2:38PM
getting money quickly? (Archived)
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jEr3mY194/21 2:35PM
wtf am i suppose to do with a bold zygarde? (Archived)Tryin2GetDaPipe44/21 2:18PM
What happened to my favourite duo? (Archived)Kiurx54/21 2:13PM
y u no more money!! (Archived)
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i k feo144/21 2:12PM