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Why is Gen 4 so hated? (Archived)
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DrakJay484/6 1:11PM
So... Why is doubles supposedly so balanced (compared to singles)? (Archived)
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ClassyOldHat254/6 1:11PM
Does anyone know the ban percentages of every suspect test of this gen and gen 5 (Archived)gamepimp1264/6 1:10PM
About all the Smogon Topics (Archived)
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Vesper238174/6 12:58PM
Last day with a free Pokebank, what should I download? (Archived)navi85444/6 12:57PM
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Give me three Pokemon to use in the Maison! One Pokemon per post. (Archived)
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CakeOfLies434/6 12:46PM
Last member for Super Doubles Maison? (Archived)geekyscienceboy54/6 12:40PM
what is with all this smogon topics on this board (Archived)
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SavageSunbobo144/6 12:37PM
Does anyone know any other good forums for trading? (Archived)
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jd_walker164/6 12:35PM
How do I get the Shiny Charm? (Archived)sunnygal54/6 12:20PM
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Powersaves Down? (Archived)
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valin24134/6 12:11PM
First Shiny using Medusa Method (Archived)AvidGSoul94/6 12:11PM