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kazooie959122/21 3:11PM
Are the event pokemon on the powersave or just mega lat@s (Archived)tremain0722/21 3:04PM
how I, an owner of X, managed to obtain the exclusive Y mega stones for FREE (Archived)
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JediBoB101152/21 3:01PM
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EV spread for technician sizor? (Archived)Chaos4629012/21 2:59PM
Should I get HG/SS? (Archived)
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Will Any Pokemon from Gens 1-6 (Aside from Eevee) get Gen 7 Non-Mega Evolutions? (Archived)Dj15Blue31622/21 2:30PM
I'm actually glad Cofagrigus didn't get a mega evo (Archived)Mobile_Platform62/21 2:30PM
I still don't see why Rotom-W is so good? (Archived)Nathbuds12392/21 2:29PM
C/D Pokemon Z needs a Battle Frontier (Archived)firedude75022/21 2:28PM
Why does everybody base there favorite Gen off of nostalgia? (Archived)
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djmetal777232/21 2:23PM
That was impressive. (Porygon2 love) (Archived)Keldonis12/21 2:20PM
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