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SirPikachu182/20 10:46PM
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Escavalier moveset help! PLEASE! (Archived)
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Rayquaza_is_Z152/20 10:35PM
all slurpuff play through (Archived)
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MamaDon112/20 10:27PM
Since I have started a new game on my white 2 after trading my event legends (Archived)LightningAce1132/20 10:21PM
Fond a shiny zubat... (Archived)Duthos42/20 10:19PM
Olympic Challenge #2: Flare Blitz battle!!! (Poll)
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Aurawhisperer142/20 10:19PM
Accidently downloaded the wrong poke amie game (Archived)
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Goderator392/20 10:18PM
Is there any reason to use Dusknoir over Dusclops? (Archived)Mobile_Platform62/20 10:16PM
Brick Break VS. Superpower on Choice Banded Scizor (Poll)SilphSpectre32/20 10:15PM
I thought Pokemon TV updates every thursday did they change it? (Archived)Chenmaster212/20 10:14PM
Opinions on what to do with my Entei? (Archived)Hoogomoogo42/20 10:06PM
Is the Beta Competition 6v6 or 4v4? (Archived)
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deoxyscyclone122/20 10:05PM
Whimsicott in Doubles? (Archived)
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deoxyscyclone142/20 10:04PM
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