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next new type? (Archived)
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smalls56463/28 12:46AM
How's dis Zygarde? (Poll)
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BurnedPotatoes173/28 12:43AM
Need some help with team (Archived)elecstay13/28 12:37AM
If meloetta P was it's own pokemon how good would it be (Archived)gamepimp1253/28 12:30AM
question (Archived)Xdeaths-shadowX93/28 12:15AM
Ash's Pokemon XY Friends should have been (Archived)SenkuuReppa33/28 12:13AM
How does one breed a torchic with speed boost and the desired nature? (Archived)Flamingace1863/28 12:08AM
Some clarification on Exp Share pls (Archived)KobeSystem43/28 12:07AM
Lets replace pressure! (Archived)
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Jarrak263/27 11:58PM
A bit confused (bank related) (Archived)
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Dante2049243/27 11:39PM
Anyone play UU much ? I wanna do a houndoom team (Archived)gamepimp1283/27 11:27PM
200+ timid protean froakies and I'm finally done thank god! (Archived)
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Splinter_Within113/27 11:18PM
Am i the only one that believes people liking Hoenn is a fad? (Archived)
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djmetal777593/27 11:13PM
Is it possible to hack a new nickname onto a Pokemon that's been traded to you? (Archived)
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Bionicfreak13133/27 11:11PM
Foreign Ditto (Archived)kakashiPR00933/27 11:10PM
Skiploom game crash (Archived)King_Nicaea63/27 11:02PM
Ideas for an annoying team? (Archived)
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sharinganlucari183/27 10:48PM
How come only Brave Bird gets such an amazing attack animation? (Archived)
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wolf rider333/27 10:45PM
User of Sunny Day and U-Turn (Archived)
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Xavuu113/27 10:39PM
Not sure how to get to perfect IV skrelp (Archived)Zeron RB73/27 10:33PM