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Latias has mega evolved into Mega Latias! (Archived)
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Gamefaqsora342/20 8:49AM
Diggersby, Gothitelle, Weavile, Megacham, Mega Garde banished to BL by Smogon (Archived)
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Companion_Cube_662/20 8:46AM
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Defeating Korrina (3rd encounter) without Mega Evolving (Archived)
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Koyorimon112/20 8:34AM
How the TalonFlame came into being theory (Archived)
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fedartz122/20 8:31AM
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Got to top 100 server in BOTH X and Y lol. (Archived)
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ArmoredGuns202/20 8:22AM
Infernape nickname? (Archived)Mobile_Platform62/20 8:19AM
Hacking with "Action Replay" (Poll)
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-Raven182/20 8:18AM