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Would a Pokemon X Fire Emblem game be something you'd support? (Archived)
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HakuMan111386253/13 2:23PM
What Vivillon pattern do you have in your region? (Archived)
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Gertdurr413/13 2:18PM
Do you defend a Generation because it introduced your favorite Pokemon? (Archived)
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Tyranidomega353/13 2:13PM
C/D: Klefki is the best trolling Pokemon ever (Archived)
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M16A4313/13 2:09PM
I hatched a shiny Marill on the 4th egg. (Archived)Froakiebloke83/13 2:07PM
"Aerodactyl has mega evolved into mega aerodactyl!" (Archived)GloryChaos63/13 2:07PM
Ill use starmie minimise! (Archived)
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Anhell310133/13 2:05PM
For Pancham to evolve does the dark type have to be singular or can it be mixed? (Archived)TeXaS_PiE33/13 1:59PM
So I just got haxed again at Maison, and I'm not even mad because... (Archived)WolfJounin93/13 1:57PM
Had the Hydreigon Family actually been Steel/Dragon types... (Archived)TheSnubbz93/13 1:57PM
Can you call a pokemon with one chance to hit with stone miss etc. a counter? (Archived)84Mantines23/13 1:51PM
flashing man super training glitch? (Archived)DrEchoKnight53/13 1:50PM
Why can't Malamar be as cool in the games as it is in the anime? (Archived)kingjam143/13 1:47PM
Nintendo C/D on Powersaves Hacking (Archived)
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Hoozah123313/13 1:47PM
Your 'main' Pokemon....? (Archived)
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N-K-S333/13 1:43PM
Stop using Infernape, Blissey, and Espeon in OU. (Archived)
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MQJinx1073/13 1:40PM
Powersave question~ (Archived)yumioi53/13 1:34PM
Competitve battling has never been easier (Archived)Leader_Z93/13 1:33PM
Frost Breath over Ice Beam? (Archived)tarzanmx73/13 1:32PM
wow, that was unexpected. (Archived)Chaos4629043/13 1:26PM