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I f***ing hate RU (Archived)
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VerySlowBro124/23 5:44PM
i want a nature changer and iv changer code (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4294/23 5:35PM
Need movesets for Keldeo and Conkledurr (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin124/23 5:30PM
Most Ribbons pre-XY? (Archived)DigiDude7774/23 5:28PM
Some questions about Exp Share and EV training (Archived)El Mexicano Texano34/23 5:05PM
Cheap tricks ruin this game for me (Archived)
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INateYou154/23 5:03PM
Transfering pokemon between versions with one Pokebank? (Archived)blademyth34/23 4:56PM
Do you use Volcarona ? (Poll)
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Tatan_93294/23 4:50PM
Pokemon is the best anime (Archived)mrballerswaggin24/23 4:45PM
Becoming the pokemon champion isn't all that special (Archived)NeoSioType44/23 4:29PM
Giving away some 6IV and 5IV perfects with egg moves. Mainly Litwicks >_> (Archived)Magikarpus34/23 4:23PM
Are you going to play Inverse Battles on the next Battle Spot season? (Poll)
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zelionx114/23 4:13PM
Sylveon's bow is made out of life fibers (Archived)
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Calwyn184/23 4:12PM
Poke fans... I went on the WEIRD side of Youtube and found this (Warning!) (Archived)
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gfaqster314/23 4:10PM
I hope they change how synchronize works in the next game (Archived)Tatan_9334/23 4:06PM
Mind blown (Archived)Corlesslover3084/23 4:05PM
Question about power save wonder cards (Archived)dooziexx24/23 4:00PM
Why do we still need a move deleter to delete HM's? (Archived)
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OptOut1986134/23 3:55PM
Strange Souvenier. (Archived)GoldenPower8914/23 3:55PM
I should be uber (Archived)CrystalOnix94/23 3:51PM