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The official X and Y rap topic (Archived)itachi13494/19 8:17AM
YR: Your house has a Pinsir infestation. (Archived)
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CarnageElite544/19 8:03AM
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What town would you live in? (Poll)Hydregionzek104/19 7:46AM
Chespin and Froakie Evolutions (Archived)JamieK198194/19 7:26AM
Post-game Double Battles (Archived)Chaos Genesis24/19 7:26AM
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New typing perks (Archived)
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Poisonedsword124/19 7:18AM
ITT: Post music that would make good battle themes (Archived)mrballerswaggin54/19 7:17AM
If you have never bred for IV's before... (Archived)
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OptOut1986254/19 7:10AM
Why does the 5th gen monster dragon get so much hateK? (Archived)themegaman784/19 7:03AM
Am I doing it Wrong? Breeding Question (Archived)protomanV8974/19 7:02AM
Rainbow Pledge tactics? (Archived)
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3DSRec194/19 6:54AM
If you could have your choice of a Shiny Pokemon... (Archived)
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Xiaoyu420154/19 6:39AM
YR: Aerodactyl gets Brave Bird AND Head Smash from Move Tutors. (Archived)
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WolfJounin114/19 6:24AM
Should non Event Pokemon learn the Event only moves? (Archived)Safer_77774/19 6:22AM
Why is Frosslass Ice Type again? (Archived)
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Heisenburro414/19 6:19AM
Moves that are broken when combined (Archived)Teh_Maimed34/19 6:02AM
Can Powersaves change abilities yet? (Archived)
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CrystalLink144/19 5:29AM