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got this celebi from pokemon bank (Archived)Ballinari63/21 6:17PM
Everyone who complains about VGC being Kalos only really wants to... (Archived)pokemon2poker103/21 6:06PM
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Everytime you enter a room, this song from Pokemon plays (Archived)
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itachi1341023/21 6:00PM
Just hatched a shiny 5IV Adamant Axew :D (Archived)
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IzanagiBlast243/21 5:55PM
Time to do what i do best #2 (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42273/21 5:55PM
Where to find Honedge? (Archived)ZeldaFan11343/21 5:42PM
Hidden Abilities cannot be obtained through Ditto Breeding correct? (Archived)ajko00083/21 5:31PM
What EV's are invested in prankster pokemon? (Archived)D0W0knu73/21 5:29PM
A Statement (Archived)
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charman5173/21 5:18PM
Who is the most adorable derpmon? (Poll)Magikarpus63/21 5:14PM
Looking for a good trapping special defensive Tyranitar set (Archived)bulls333333/21 5:05PM
Is it a coin cidence that Hidden machine is called in japanese (Archived)kadabrium23/21 5:04PM
I just realized that I'm Starmie... (Archived)
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hodelino323/21 5:00PM
How to make a Gliscor player ragequit (Archived)ZeldaTPLink103/21 4:41PM
Rate my cool OU team that's so cool: (Archived)pcmike293/21 4:34PM
Powersaves 3DS for Mac OS X: Canceled? (Archived)
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RayCRP353/21 4:31PM
Mega gardevoir question (Archived)bubbyman243/21 4:30PM
Foul play or Knock off (Archived)
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bulls3333113/21 4:30PM